Baby Doing Well After Open Heart Surgery

Four month old baby, Tayla Geddes is recovering after undergoing open heart surgery to repair three holes in her heart and a missing septum. 

Doctors at Randburg’s Sunninghill Hospital performed a six hour operation, opening Tayla’s chest and inserting three patches to repair the defects in her heart. After the Doctors closed her chest her blood pressure drop drastically. Doctors were forced to re-open it to reduce swelling in her body and heart.
After surgery Tayla was put on a respirator in the intensive care unit at Sunninghill hospital. Where the swelling in her heart and body decreased and her heart began functioning on its own, which allowed surgeons to re-close her chest on Wednesday morning (July 28).

Though Tayla’s surgery was a success, she is not out of the woods yet. She is already scheduled to return to the hospital for surgery in two weeks. The second surgery will correct a birth defect in her sphincter value (which will prevent her stomach contents from flowing up into her esophagus). As a result of the defect Tayla is suffering from reflux and is fed through her nose.
Father Peter Hamberger and mother Heather Geddes are going through a stressful time worrying about the health of their baby girl but take comfort in the success of the first surgery and that she is home. – Jeff, Staff Writer 

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  • This an uncommon baby story?? Unfortunately no. It’s very common and is seen/operated on daily. Heart defects are the #1 birth defect. They affect as many as 1 in 100 babies. The surgeries are much more complex than even the one described here. Septal defects are one the lower spectrum of defects that can be dealt with these days. I say dealt with because many are not a true correction or repair, they work around how the defective heart functions. My son had 4 of these type surgeries by the time he was 7 months old. Many have their first surgery within days of birth. Please do more research and write a truly uncommon story to inspire us.

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