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Baby in China Born With 3 Legs

Just a couple days after a set of conjoined twins were born with 2 heads in one body, it is being reported that a baby boy has been born with 3 legs.

The newborn baby boy who is currently being treated at Guangdong women and children’s hospital and health institute, was born on May 5, in a hospital of Qingyuan city of Guangdong Province.

Because the delivering hospital could’t treat the baby, they transferred him to the Guangdong women and children’s hospital and health institute.

After medical checks Doctor Yu Gang said,

”There is a limb on the left buttock, the end of the limb looks like a foot, the skin is normal, it also has a bone. It’s an intact limb. This kind of congenital multi-limb malformation is very rare in China. The baby’s family didn’t have any case like this and his parents are normal. It’s very hard to do an operation for the little baby, we need to be more careful.’

Normally a baby with born with extra appendages is usually a result of a twin that didn’t develop properly. We hope that doctors are able to help this baby lead a regular life.

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