Woman Gives Birth on Side of New York City Highway in Record Time

BelRaye Osborne, who was 39 weeks pregnant, was traveling with her husband, Tru, on the Jackie Robinson Parkway when she suddenly knew her baby was coming faster than they could reach the hospital. They were en route to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center when BelRaye began experiencing strong contractions.

baby born highway

With contractions every other minute and intense pressure, BelRaye demanded that they pull over their car onto the shoulder of the highway near Exit 5. Baby No. 3 couldn’t wait any longer.

BelRaye exclaimed, “Babe, he’s coming! Pull over, he is coming right now.”

“When I touched her belly, I could feel my son’s feet pressing against her rib cage as if he was using her ribs as leverage to kick himself out,” Tru recalled. “I said, ‘Oh no, we’re going to have this baby on this highway.’ ”

In a matter of seconds, Baby Temple was born on the shoulder of the parkway. BelRaye described the birth as a single loud grunt before the baby slid out.

Prior to this birth, Tru joked about being the one to deliver their baby, even though they had planned to have the support of a doula and medical professionals. But when he saw the baby’s head crowning and his wife in pain, Tru realized the seriousness of the situation.

Having purchased 15 new towels just two days before, Tru held them as he watched his baby enter the world. BelRaye had one foot in the car, one on the ground, squatting on the side of the road. She recalled thinking about how the baby would come out, especially since some doctors were concerned about the baby’s size.

After only five seconds of pushing, BelRaye welcomed their 8-pound-5-ounce son, Temple Westry Grant Archangel Osborne.

Rather than waiting for an ambulance, the couple flagged down a police officer who escorted them to the hospital. BelRaye and Temple were admitted, and they could finally reflect on the incredible experience they had just gone through.

While a roadside delivery wasn’t in her birth plan, BelRaye described it as “peacefully chaotic” and said that it was a beautiful and amazing experience. She emphasized that they had each other and that was all they needed.

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