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Cloth Diaper Dilemma

I need some help from our cloth diaper mommies.

I am currently looking for a good All In One cloth diaper to use for the new baby, but am having trouble sifting through the THOUSANDS of companies who make them.

Realistically I could buy one of each diaper I am looking to try and then buy more when I decide which one I like. Its just that I don’t want to have 10 different kinds of diapers and then get stuck with some that don’t work for me.

So…if there are any moms out there that have a good recommendation please let me know or if you have used any of the following diapers and have some feedback, I would love to hear that as well.

Here are the ones that are currently under consideration:

  • Bum Genius
  • Dry Bees
  • Monkey Doodlez
  • Thirstees
  • SwaddleBees

We have already tried G Diapers, Kissaluvs, Blueberry Pocket Diapers and Kushies All In Ones. I was fond of the latter 3 for many reasons and may end up using them, but I just wanted to see if there was something else out there.


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  • I honestly applaud your efforts! Our kids have all graduated to skivvies, but it was only recently that we fought with plastic contraptions. I now wish we’d gone cloth—-discussed with my mom recently (1970s mom), and she said, “Cloth wasn’t always easy, but even then I felt like I was doing my part for the environment…” Whoa, mom, a greenie.

    Good luck, and kudos again…

  • I used cloth diapers with my first son for 2 years.

    I know that there have been many advances in the cloth diaper industry since that time and am hoping to find a different diaper.

    I’m not going to lie – Cloth diapering is extra work, but once it became part of my routine it wasn’t so bad…

  • Personally I love Thirsties AIO because they are also a pocket. You can add more absobency if you need it. I have just recently tried the BumGenius Organic AIO with snaps. I really like that diaper! It is super super soft and it is a one-size. But even though it’s a one-size it won’t fit a newborn. It’s more like a fit for 10lbs or more. But I really like that diaper and it seems to hold more than the Thirsties. If you go to they have the Thirsties and the BumGenius. You might also think of an All in 2. It has a detachable soaker. A good AI2 is Rainforest Babies Snap ‘n Wrap. I hope that helps.

  • HI,

    A little late on posting, but there are a lot of factors in choosing the right diaper for you… some things to consider. Do you prefer snaps or velcro? Velcro is easier, but snaps hold up better in the wash. What is your budget? Do you want a one size diaper that is very economical, but may be a bit more bulky in the beginning? Do you prefer natural fabrics or fabrics that feel more dry when the baby is wet? For this reason, I never suggest an end all be all diaper for EVERY family. BUT, if you find out what is important to you, I can help you pick one out that matches your criteria. Good luck!

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