Cotton Candy Shop’s Halloween Costumes are Tutu Cute!

Even though I don’t have a little girl, I have been drooling over the Cotton Candy Shop’s amazing Tutu costumes.

Fashioned after different insects and princesses, their elaborate costumes take dressing up to the next level.

Honestly! Have you ever seen anything so cute?

In order, there is a ladybug, peacock, pirate princess, sugarplum fairy(purple), pumpkin and butterfly.

Cotton Candy Shop's Halloween Costumes are Tutu Cute!Cotton Candy Shop's Halloween Costumes are Tutu Cute!

Priced between $60 and $80.


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  • I had a horrible experience with Cotton Candy Shop. We ordered a bumble bee costume four weeks ago. We called to check on the order a week ago and they told us they had yet to make it and needed measurements. We gave them the measurements within the hour and they promised us it would be here on Monday. It is now Tuesday and we were told it could not be done. Now we are left without a Halloween costume and a little girl with a broken heart. I would hate for anyone else to endure what we have recently experienced. I am very disappointed because I fell in love with their merchandise. But that alone doesn’t make a company succeed. The number one attribute is customer service and they are lacking that great asset. I just want to warn those in advance before making a future purchase. I would hate for your little one to have his or her heart broken. Wish us luck as we begin our search for a Halloween costume with only three days to do so. Breaks my heart for my little girl but I know God will prevail! He always does!

  • Good luck getting your money back Landy! I paid this woman $60 in JUNE for a Halloween photo shoot that was supposed to take place the first weekend of September. She went back and forth on wether she would be able to make the costume or not, and then the day before the shoot emailed me letting me know she couldn’t. I’ve been trying to get my money back ever since. At first she said over and over paypal was down, then she sent it in the mail.. etc etc.. Obviously, all excuses, I still haven’t seen my money and it’s been almost 4 months!!

  • If both of the women knew the bad things about this business, they would CRINGE at the thought that they ever even thought of giving money to this person.

    TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!

    What needs to happen is more people getting together who feel that they were screwed over by Cotton Candy Shop and it’s owner, Lauren Bergman, and less websites singing the praises about a business that flat out STEALS $$$$ from her customers.

    After voicing my disappointment with this company on Myspace, SEVERAL people came out of the woodwork with the exact same experience I had—all of us were told that her paypal was having issues transferring $$–blahblahblah….”it’s in the mail”…and then ultimately, when you pester her enough, she is FLAT OUT RUDE! Never got my outfit, never got my money back!!

    I was in a photo shoot that she put on and was totally and completely disappointed with both the quality of the garment my daughter was to wear (Lauren had to take it back b/c even though I gave exact measurements from a seamstress, the outfit did not even remotely fit my daughter) AND the poor customer service I was given. Unable to accept responsibility for the experience I was given, she blamed Paypal, the photographer, and then tried to place blame back on me and tried to make me feel guilty that I was unhappy??!!???? The outfit that did not fit and that had to be fixed was never even sent back to me!!!

    Business is simple, Lauren….you offer a product and someone pays good $$ for it and you DELIVER the promised product@!!!! Get to a business school quick before you find yourself serving time for all the wrongdoing you have done!

  • Don’t order from this web site. Lauren Bergman is unreliable. She is extremely unprofessional. She never fulfills her order. When asked for a refund you never see it. She puts a sham on stay a home moms that work at home. Don’t use her web site.

  • I totally agree, I was scammed out of 85.00 and I think it is aboslutely ridiculous that she gets away with this. I have came into contact with numerous others that have also been scammed or recieved poor quality work. I also have talked to an attourney and after telling Lauren all of these things, she was rude. I truly think we need to all come together and do something about this.

  • I am using this site for ideas. However, I think her prices are ridiculous. I thought mine were high. While my tutus are all no sew, I can make almost every single one of them myself.

    Thanks for the heads up on this site.

  • It is sad to see these attacks on this store. I have bought several things from them and think that they are great priced and adorable! As far as the owner she was easy to work with and a complete delight. So sad that people get on here to bash hard working mothers!

  • Ladies – if enough of you report her to the Better Business Bureau something will be done. I have had to report several businesses and believe me I got something done. Sad some people force you to report them but what other recourse do you have. People like that need to be reported !!

  • I just had a shoot and bought several outfits from Cotton Candy Shop and I LOVE them. The owner was great and the outfits are adorable. They are far better then anything I have come across in a long time. The lady above said there needs to have something be done about CCS, but really there needs to be something done about people that have nothing better to do then complain.

  • Well, as adorable as those little outfits are, if she wasn’t scamming people, people wouldn’t have a reason to complain. I’d be pissed off too.

  • I wish people were more educate on the whole word scam a scam is when someone takes your money and you never receive your product or your money. I can assure you that is not what she is doing if you did not for some reason get your outfit then you get a refund. I think people need to be a little bit more educated before writing on here, its sad that you guys turned this glowing post into a bunch of untrue slander. I have been a customer for the last 2 years and NEVER had a problem. I think the same person is posting on here.

  • Lauren Bergmann is running a huge scam !!!! She disappeared off of Facebook after DOZENS of mommies complained about never receiving their orders or being denied a refund. She has now started business as usual, there are more reports on bizclaims.com and ripoffreports.com from just yesterday and today. She needs to be stopped !! I have already contacted the local newspapers and Dallas Morning News about her. Buyers beware !!!

  • Wow, thanks for providing us with the definition of what a “scam” is. I have NEVER received my product and I have NEVER received my money back so I guess this qualifies. I spent over $ 200 late last year and have received NOTHING but promises and excuses. My patience has run out! I made contact with Lauren on February 2nd and was promised my items would mail shortly. It is now November 25th!! I have since been promised this numerous other times and I have waisted countless amounts of time picking out items over and over because the items are seasonal and of course they are never delivered and the holiday passes! I have every message saved and would be happy to share them with anyone wanting proof of the deception! I have shopped and continue to shop weekly many boutiques and this is the ONLY one that I have had a problem with. Shame on you Cotton Candy Shop!

  • We are complaining for a reason…She took our money and hasn’t given us what we paid for. NO refund no product! Hello yes she is scamming people.

  • If she’s scamming people then learn to make your own, it’s cheaper anyway 🙂 Ive been making my daughter’s tutus and bows (they look just as good, my bows look 10 times better) just look up tutuorials. Like i said, it’s cheaper and it gives you something to do. Why pay out the ass for something you might not ever see when you can make it yourself?

  • Look ladies I am making my daughters tutu outfits from now on! If you have heard of pinterest it is so easy to make them just buy tulle in what colors you desire and a long piece of ribbon or elastic waist, and tie the tulle on! Before you know it you will be a pro and could possibly sell them, which im not to crafty but it is super easy!

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