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Cradle VS Playpen

You have limited space, and the crib may be too big at first for your new bundle. What do you get in the meantime? While the cradle has been rocking babies to sleep for centuries, the playpen is becoming more common because of it’s portability. It may not be possible to have both so here are some pro’s and con’s for each.


so-ro cradle


  • Strong sturdy frame
  • Soothing Rocking motion
  • Brings Elegance to any room
  • May be a heirloom


  • Not roomy, baby may not be able to pivot around
  • Baby may only be able to use for a couple of months
  • Doesn’t store easily


Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard


  • Packs up very easily, and doesn’t take up much storage
  • Comes with a changetable
  • Baby can use up to a year, possibly longer if they aren’t too big
  • Extra pockets on side for storage
  • Spacious for baby
  • Extras available like lights, vibration, mobile, toybars. Some come with all of these things.


  • Not as sturdy as a cradle
  • may not match decor of home

While there are not many negatives for each the playpen seems to have more going for it overall. Both items can cost about the same. There are some cradles on the market that cost upwards of $1,000.00, which doesn’t make sense to me because your baby has limited time in a cradle. For that money you can buy the top of the line playpen, a “cradle” type swing and still have money left over for the down payment on their first car! For nostalgic reason people usually pick the cradle but then end up getting a playpen to have for later.

If you are using a cradle that has been passed down through your family make sure you check the paint is not lead based. It is harmful to everyone but babies and Pregnant women are more at risk. Please also make sure that the spindles on the sides are not spaced to far apart. There have been a lot of safety improvements made in the last few years that may not be included on older products.




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