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Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott with their children Stella and Liam were on hand this morning to help launch the new Polar Bear Plunge exhibit at the World Famous San Diego Zoo.

Dean and Tori Attend The Polar Bear Plunge Launch At The San Diego Zoo!

The zoo reopened its newly renovated Polar Bear Plunge exhibit to educate the public about the climate changes that are threatening this species’ survival as well as our own.

Polar Bear Plunge is currently home to three grown polar bears: Chinook, a 15-year-old female who was found orphaned in Canada, and her nine-year-old brother and sister, Kalluk and Tatqiq, whose mother was shot in Alaska when they were cubs.

The renovated exhibit will feature new interactive and educational displays all aimed to teach visitors about the effects of global warming. The displays include a “measure up” area — with life-size statues of a 30-day-old cub, a one- to two-year-old juvenile and an adult male — a snow den, a research helicopter and a refrigerator packed with 140 pounds of seal meat, known at the zoo as dinner for one.

Also in attendance was Denise Richards with daughters Sam and Lola.

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  • My daughter and I are members of the SDZoo and we were just counting down the days until the plunge opened. It was a fun event for both of us to celebrate her 3rd b-day on the same day mar 26th. What was also cool is I took a picture of her standing next to the sign if front of the skyfari below showing the polar bear plunge would open at noon, which also happened to be the exact time my daughter Soleil was born. That pic is definately a keepsake. We also adopted a polar bear and got a certificate and a little stuffed polar bear along with it. Pretty cool to know that celebs were taking the time out of their busy schedules to enlighten their kids with important stuff like global warming and have them aware of the extinctions of certain animals. Little things like taking out to places does make an impact on their learning not only the parent-child bonding that is also important in a child’s life.

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