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Every time I see a mom with a tandem stroller I feel bad for her. I think of the vehicle that must be parked out back to accommodate such a gargantuan piece of equipment and also think of her poor back every time she hurls the darn thing into her trunk.

It was once believed that a tandem stroller was only needed if you had twins, but many moms are having their children close together and are using them to transport a newborn and toddler.

Fisher Price has introduced a great stroller that has an added platform on the back for your older child and a few other features that will come in handy while out shopping or on vacation.

Here are a few reasons I like this stroller:

1. Infant seat latch system conveniently secures baby in the comfort of their own car seat.

2. Active gear with extra room when your family needs it! Traditional stroller seating with an expandable, extra large storage basket, plus snack/toy tray and 3-point safety harness.

3. Stroller seating up front, ride-along platform in the back.

4. Converts to seating for two, with a jump seat for the bigger kids in your family.

Compatible with most Fisher-Price®, Britax® and Graco® infant car seats. You can find a complete list at, or call 1-800-432-5437.

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  1. Chantal Blais says:


    I am writing you from Quebec city and I am searching for this item.

    Can you tell me where I can buy this?

    Thank you!

  2. Chiffon says:

    Hi, I too am looking for this item (item#:717622) at babiesRus stores but it is said to be discontinued and there are none left at any surrounding stores. How might I go about getting one of these strollers or is it possible to order one?
    Toronto, ON.

  3. Julie Jay says:

    I’m selling one used, if you are interested, it’s in great shape…used for only a couple of months.
    If interested, e-mail

  4. Julie Jay says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am in Toronto (Victoria Park & Eglinton) and the price is $130.


  5. kozoj says:


    I’ve got one for sale too, but it’s used (only a few months). At the moment I am selling it here: (unfortunately description is in polish). If anybody is interested in, please do not heasitate and simply email me.

    Best Regards


  6. Julie Jay says:

    The stroller has LEFT the building!! 😉

    I would suggest that anyone LOOKING for one look on Craigslist or Kijiji in whatever city you are in.
    Just do a google search with the words “fisher-price shand & ride duo” or “fisher price sit & stand” and your city and maybe something will come up.
    Take care everyone! 8)

    Julie Jay

  7. Kristi says:

    I just bought this stroller off the buyandsell in my city Winnipeg. It’s in excellent condition and i love it already. Question… how do you attach the infant car seat? I haven’t bought one yet and i’ll make sure to take the stroller with me when i shop for one (Britax, fisher price, or Graco brand). Also, what are the two buckles for at the top of the front stroller seat? I can’t find any of the matching buckle to fit into them so they seem useless. I thought maybe do i need to buy a specifit attachment for the infant carseat? Please, people who own this stroller let me know!


  8. Dave says:

    I have a Fisher Price Stand and Ride for sale in excellent condition $130. Located in Mississauga, ON. if interested.


  9. Marnie Ells says:

    Does anyone have a Stand N’ Ride for sale in Nova Scotia (Halifax Area preferred).
    I can’t imagine why Fisher Price discontinued them!

  10. Dave says:

    Fisher Price Stand and Ride sold the next day I posted it on Kijji with alot if interest. Suggest others looking for this stroller to look at Kijiji.

  11. Diana says:

    I NEEEED one of these…
    should you know of anyone selling one or have one you’d like to sell please e-mail me:

  12. Lady Bug says:

    Hello, I am desperatly trying find and buy the fisher-price stand n’ ride duo stroller. I have a 14 month old and a new baby on the way(August 12th) and Ive searched the web I dont know how many times trying to locate this stroller but every site Ive visited the stroller is no longer available or they dnt have it in stock. I like the convertibility of this stroller and Im trying my hardest to buy one. I perfer it brand new out of the box but if not thats exceptable at the moment. If anyone has any clue where I can locate this stroller please hint me out on where I can find it feel free to e-mail me at if anyone can be of any help. Thanks : )>

  13. Hirotaka says:

    Now I am selling Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller at
    My location is Downtown Tornto.
    If you have interest, plese email me
    Thank you,

  14. Hirotaka says:

    My stroller got new owner.
    Thanks, Hiro

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Does anyone else know where i can buy one? I desperately need one!

  16. Shannon says:

    If anyone lives near Mississauga, there is a Mattell/Fisher Price outlet store at 6155 Freemont Blvd (britannia & hwy10 area). They usually have discontinued items there. I haven’t been in a couple months but, last time I was there they had the utility wagon that is in the same line as the sit and stand stroller. Just a thought.

  17. milva says:

    Hi! I`m from finland and I am desperatly trying find and buy the fisher-price stand n’ ride duo stroller. where i can buy one? thanks

  18. Ballromqueen says:

    We found this stroller this morning at Big Lots for only $99. I’m not sure if that helps everyone, but if you have a Big Lots in your city, check there.

  19. tracey says:

    You can buy this stand “n” ride stroller at toy r us for $149.99.

  20. Shereese says:

    Have any of you tried the Joovy Caboose stroller? If so, do you prefer this one over the Joovy? Why?

  21. Mariana says:

    I bought the Fisher Price stand ‘n ride stroller at Toys R Us in Kitchener 2 weeks ago. It was on sale for $139, down from $230, as it’s discontinued.
    Also, I’ve heard that Joovy Caboose is very good, even though it doesn’t look as sturdy or as nice as the Fisher Price one. I’ve heard it’s easy to maneuver and light weight. Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the Joovy in stock in Kitchener 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t wait for a new order to get in.

  22. The Joovy Caboose is definitely a good alternative to this stroller. It has many of the same features, but as the reader before me pointed out – it may be less sturdy because it is so lightweight.

    Because Fisher Price decided to discontinue the production of this stroller, some families may not have any choice but to look to Joovy for a great stand on tandem.

    Here is the link to the post we did on the Caboose.

  23. Stacy says:

    I purchased on of the baby trend sit and stand and it is great! You can get them online at Walmart, Target ect.. I was in our big lots today and they have the Fisher price brand for $99

  24. Patricia says:

    Stacy what is big lots?

  25. Stacy says:

    Big lots is just a store that we have in the state we are in Kentucky. If I knew so many people wanted one I would have bought a couple and they could have paid for the product and shipping :o)

  26. Jessica says:

    Just wanted to say I live in Tulsa, OK and just bought this stroller at BIG LOTS for $99 also!!! I honestly bought it blindsightedly without doing any research bc the price seemed like a great deal AND bc I knew I wanted a sit and stand (baby #2 due in Sept). No that I’ve read all the reviews Im soooo glad I made the decision! Good luck to everybody…lol…we moms are so funny =)

  27. Hirotaka says:

    I am selling Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller again.
    My location is Downtown Tornto.
    If you have an interest, plese email me.
    I hope to sell it around 150 CAD(or best price).
    Thank you,
    (P.S. I could not sell it finally at last posting as above.)

  28. Kimmie says:

    just found on last night at big lots but didn’t want to buy it without researching it.. this seems to be the only place i’ve been able to get any info on it..
    everyone seems to have a good response.. it’s $99 at big lots.

  29. Justin says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I went to Big Lots last night in Idaho and they had the Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller for $99.

  30. Jeni says:

    Also just purchased the FIsher Price Sit and Stand stroller at Big Lots for $99.00. Limited Supply-There were about 3-4 at each store. So hurry. (Torrance, Lomita, Carson, Ca.)

  31. jen says:

    Big Lots in Torrance, Lomita and Carson, Ca carry the Fisher Price Sit and Stand stroller for $99. I just bought one today. Good Luck

  32. t says:

    it has been discontinued, due to flaws in the design. i have one myuslef and the baskets(both) are falling apart. i have spoke with a few other moms in town, who have had more seriuos breakage to their units that nearly injured their children. if you do find one, beware in its use. it is a wonderful stroller, however is flawed. i suggest going with a joovy sit n stand. if you do get one and have any problems with it, be sure to call FP as they are refunding damaged ones

  33. kristie says:

    does anyone know the weight on this stroller?

  34. Angie says:

    I just bought this stroller yesterday @ Big Lots for $99 and we tried it out today @ Sea World. We LOVED it and so did my girls. (2yrs & 9months). It was easy to use and didnt have any problems w/ it. It isn’t light weight as the Joovy BUT if you look at both, the FP is more sturdy. I am very happy w/ this buy and highly recommend it.

  35. Christine says:

    I would REALLY like this stroller and am living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada…Anyone have one available to sell…toys r us doesn’t have them anymore!

  36. Julia says:

    I saw the Stand ‘n Ride Duo Stroller in a Big Lots Ad for $99 just today. I don’t know if they have them at every store though.

  37. Sarah says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone who has been posting about this stroller being available at Big Lots. I decided just this weekend that I wanted a sit n stand stroller for my 3 1/2 year old and 11 month old. I have been looking at the others available but had not made my decision until last night when I saw the other posts about Big Lots and the Fisher Price stroller. I went this morning and bought one in the St. Louis area when I left they were holding one and only had the floor model left. How funny that I was able to track down this stroller through this website. Thanks again for whomever it was that let the rest of us know about this!!! Can’t wait to use my new stroller, unfortunately it was been raining and raining and raining here so we haven’t gone anywhere. Good luck to the rest of you. Let me know if someone would like me to snag a stroller for you from around here!!! email me at

  38. Melissa Smith says:

    I just purchased this at BigLots for $99. I had to spend 2 hours putting it together. It is a very poor design. I am 5’7″ and can hardly see over the shade to push the stroller in front of me. The push bar goes well above my chest making it very uncomfortable to push the stroller and makes me look very awkward. The 2 bars that the front snack tray attaches too were not installed properly and we were only able to fix by unscrewing the strollers anchor system to fix it. It was a BIIIIG hassle… maybe thats why its sold at discount stores like Big Lots because all the name brand stores clearanced the item out due to malfunction.

  39. Sarah says:

    I hate it…
    I’ve now been able to use mine a couple of times and can not stand it. I agree with Melissa that the handle is much too high and my son lays on the baby to see under the canopy. It’s too heavy and too long and hard to move. I prefer my Graco double stroller. The Fisher Price Stand N Ride is going back and I’m getting a Joovy!

  40. Tracy says:

    This is on sale at Big Lots for $99. Check it out if you have one near you 🙂

  41. Mary says:

    Thanks for all the info on this site. I am a true believer in Fisher-Price products, so I bought one of these yesterday at Big Lots in Winchester, VA for $99 for my 2 1/2 yr old and soon-to-be newborn. The handle does seem extremely high (I’m 5’2″), but perfect for my tall husband! It is sturdy though, I look forward to using it with both children.

  42. S Chenier says:

    To Melanie who posted on June 24th, 2008 at 10:26 am.

    I also live in your area, if you still have the stroller I would appreciate a working link so we can contact you. The link provided brings us to the Kijiji site but no stroller, only clothing. Thanks.

  43. Kwazibear says:

    I live in Kentucky and have searched all the local Big Lots and can’t find it anywhere. Does anybody know if their local Big Lots still have the strollers for sale? Or does anybody in the tri-state area have this stroller or any other sit and stand stroller for sale?

  44. Pam says:

    Hi! I purchased this stroller at Big Lots in Griffin, Georgia just yesterday for $99. They had about 5 more in boxes. I am also 5’2 and don’t see that the handle is a big problem. I can push it easily and it is very easy to maneuver. For the price I think it a GREAT bargain. And my 4-year old LOVES the fact that he can sit or stand to ride when he gets tired of walking!!

  45. Linda says:

    I am the grandmother of a 4 year old granddaughter and a soon to be born (Oct 2008)grandson and have been searching the web for a Duo Stroller. I was so excited to find one today at Big Lots in Lake Forest, Orange County CA (last one) and was even more thrilled to read all the comments. I look forward to using it soon.

  46. angela says:

    I got this stroller for my shower gift and think it is absolutly great i use mine all the time! but there are two clips on the top of the baby seat and i cant figure out for the life of me what they are for i cant seem to find anything that clips into them, does anyone on here know what they are for????

  47. Maria says:

    Hi – Just wanted to let you know that I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina and I just bought this stroller today from the BIG LOTS off Glenwood Ave. They still had 2 more left so if you’re from town and want this stroller then go for it!!! I already have a Joovy (Ultralight) and I LOVE that stroller but I’m obssessed with trying out new strollers and for $99 I had to try out this Fisher Price one. Best of luck in your search for one. If you want to check out if you have a BIG LOTS in your area just go to and find the store locator. Hope this helps:-)

  48. Lisa says:

    Just bought the display model at the Big Lots in Richmond, Indiana today for $99. Found out through some searching that the straps on the top of the seat are for Fisher Price Active Gear. There really isn’t much available. I found a backpack on Ebay. Can’t wait to try it out with my 3 3/4 year old and 11 week old!

  49. Christine says:

    We have this stroller and have not been happy with it at all. We have never been able to fold it and it is difficult to push. The handle bar is high and the latch to push to close is flimsy. I wish I would have returned it right after we purchased it from Toys R Us.

  50. Chantal says:

    @ Maria (August 21st, 2008 3:53 PM),

    I want to buy either the Joovy (ultralight) one or the Fisher Price one.

    Which one do you prefer? Why?
    Which one is the most sturdy?
    Is the FP too heavy?


  51. Shara says:

    I am in Kentucky (Louisville) and just bought one at Big Lots on Preston Highway Labor Day weekend. They are still around!!!

  52. sarah L says:

    I also live in the Louisville area in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, my mother bought my sister and I both one, she lives in Mississippi and got it at a big Lots there.
    I love mine but It is a bit heavy.The high handle bar that the other people were talking about was not a problem for me and I’m only 5’3″

  53. Megan says:


    I read all of the reviews above – was really excited about buying this stroller, traded in my Graco Duoglider and was sadly disapointed.

    Advantages: It looks great. Always gets noticed. Has a great big basket for shopping and the kids loved it

    Disadvantage: The handle is very high, it doesn’t turn easily with one kid and almost no suspension what so ever. In the store it is smooth but on the sidewalk – it is so loud it either wakes or keeps my daughter up.

    Too bad, it was bought used – because I would return it if I could.

  54. Haley says:

    Hi. For Megan, don’t know where you are located but I am looking for this stroller and am in Georgia. Would be willing to purchase or trade. If interested email me at

  55. heather says:

    fisher price sit and stand for sale interested email at

  56. hillary says:

    Hey, i bought one of these second hand, and was wondering if anyone knew where to get the upper straps, to make the front a 5 point strap system….thanks

  57. Kim says:

    I am interested in the f.p. stand and sit duo stroller that you are selling. How much are you asking and how old is it? Can you also tell me what kind of condition it is in? Where are you located?


  58. Sarah says:

    Anyone in Sacramento, CA, area, or the Bay Area? I have one of these wonderful strollers for sale.
    I bought it brand new, assembled it, used it ONCE, and have decided that I need to downsize (financially). So, I am selling it! I really think it is better than the others out there (I have owned the baby trend sit n stand) if nothing else, because of the shopping basket! I just love that idea, and if I had been able to keep it, would have used that feature every week at our local farmer’s market.
    contact me at, if interested. I am asking $135 or best offer.

  59. heather says:

    i am in ontario i thought this web site would be for canada to so if anyone around my area let me know

  60. Lace says:

    I just purchased my f.p. stand and sit stroller at Big Lots in Chattanooga, TN. I can’t wait to get home and put it together. I bought it for $99 plus I had a Big Lots Buzz coupon for 20 percent off. The total was $87. I couldn’t pass it up!

  61. DeAnna Mahle says:

    I have one of these in very good condition. It is approximately 1 year old and has only been used a couple of times. If interested please contact me.

    If interested please contact me at I am asking $75 for it and buyer pays shipping(around $50)

  62. Laura says:

    I have 2 of these for sale in KS. Make me an offer. Will ship Fedex to other states. Email me at

  63. alison says:

    having them at our local big lots store here in CA starting sunday 10/26/08. woohoo! only $99

  64. jenn says:

    I am looking for one of these. Does anyone still have one for sale? I am in va

  65. Mandy says:

    I just found this stroller at Big Lots for $99 in Boise Idaho

  66. Snoo78 says:

    Hey all you Canadian Mommies…. I just bought a BabyTrend Sit and Stand Stoller at Target in Buffalo, only $129.00 (US). Beats buying a Joovy for $199.00. Short drive for all of us here in Ontario looking for an alternative to buying the Fisher Price sit n stand. They have them in there stores regularly… I just bought it there and put it in my trunk like it was my only stroller… no questions at the border… Good luck

  67. Mary says:

    Iam looking for someone who is selling the fisher price stroller,( stand and ride duo)I have a side by side double chicco I want to sell,I live in can contact me @ thanks

  68. May says:

    I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant with my second child. I have found a just one for sale in my area but I have a few questions about it.
    One being the seat in the back for the old child what age would be recommended? My lil guy will be about a year and half when i have the second one and as it is he doesnt spend much time asleep in the stroller or wanting to sit it. He’s about 8.5 months now and almost walking on his own.
    My other question is does anyone know how this stroller performs on a dirt road? I spend a fair bit of time in the country and need something that I can use for walk theres as well.

  69. Helena says:

    Hi. I was wondering how I could find out about these lot sales. Are there ever any in Michigan? Thanks.

  70. Tasha says:

    Buy them brand new from big lots or odd lots for 99.00. BRAND NEW FOR THAT PRICE IS GREAT

  71. Elaine says:

    Hello Moms from Montreal (Canada). I don’t need my Fisher Price Stand n Ride anymore. Me oldest in near 5 year old so she won’t stay much seated.

    If interested, email me at

  72. Sabrina says:

    Does anyone know if there is buckles on the back seat??

  73. Kaydee says:

    Sabrina, I looked at one the other day at big lots and it looks like the straps for the rear seat are a part of the expandable bag.


  74. Emily says:

    After a lot of reasearch, including reading these reviews, I bought this stroller on Ebay. I just got it yesterday and put it together myself. It went together very easily, and seems great. I have not used it yet. The handle is tall, but I’m 5’11” so I LOVE that! To answer some questions…
    *The front seat is a 3 point harness. There are no extra straps to make it a 5 point harness.
    *The exra clips on the top are for accessories sold seperately. This is printed in the directions.
    *The backseat does have a 3 point harness as well.

  75. Martha. says:


    I just want to tell u, i have this stroller but i don’t need it anymore. it’s brand new.

    I live in ontario.

    Somebody is interested, this is my email.

  76. stacey1979 says:

    is thius stroller ok for winter is it ok in the snow

  77. Carol says:

    I just got one and its huge! I’m 5’1 and my husband is 6’5 He hasn’t seen it yet but I’m pretty sure he will like it. It looks and feel very sturdy! I can’t wait to use it. I’m in texas so far the cold is not that bad.

  78. tiffany says:

    carol, where did you find it? i’m in san diego, and i can’t find it out here anymore!!

  79. Amber says:

    I am really trying hard to find a sit and Stand stoller. I located in Nova Scotia. If anyone has one forsale or knows where I can get on in Nova Scotia or even in Canada. perferable in Nova Scotia please email at

  80. Natasha says:

    hi I live in Winnipeg and would realy like to get a stand and sit stroller if you have one to sell or know where I can get one in Winnipeg please email me

  81. Candice says:

    I have a gently used one if anyone is interested. I’m in central Indiana.

  82. Kira says:

    I have a Fisher Price Stand n Ride stroller, used only a few times and I don’t need it anymore. My son did tear off a little piece of the cushioning on the handle, but nothing that effects the stroller itself. I am located in Oklahoma City if anybody is looking for one email me at

  83. jessy says:

    hello i am also looking for the stand and ride stroller i am located in quebec city if anyone have one to sell or know where i can buy one u can email me at thank you

  84. hillary says:

    I also have one for sale, askin 150. I am in fredericton Nb

  85. Lindsay says:

    Hey I’m dying to find one of these strollers, either the Fisher Price, Joovy, or Baby Trend, but I can’t find one anywhere near me! I live in Peterborough Ontario, if anyone near here has one for sale please let me know!

  86. Cathy says:

    Looking to buy stand and ride needed by the summer of 2009 – located near or close to Brampton, ON/Toronto,ON/Orangeville, ON please email

  87. Julie says:

    I just found one at Big Lots this morning for $99 – I live near Buffalo, NY. So if you are near there maybe call some in the area to see if they have any left.

  88. Martha. says:


    I just want to tell u, i have this stroller but i don’t

    need it anymore. it’s brand new.

    I live in Hamilton, ontario.

    I’m asking $150 + shipping.

    Somebody is interested, this is my email.

  89. My says:

    I live in Winnipeg and would love to buy this stroller….new or used….If anyone has one for sale or know when I can buy a new one, please email me

    I’m willing to get it shipped too (as long as its a reasonable price)!

  90. Chantelle says:

    Hi there…

    I live in the durham region.. I am selling mine as well…. it was only used a few months but I know longer have any use for it…. its in great condition except for the foam on the handle has a tear… not bad tho!!! Very clean

    Asking $100 Firm.


  91. Roy says:

    I live in Toronto and would love to buy Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller. New or used. If anyone has one for sale or know when I can buy a new one, please email me Thank you very much

  92. Jodi says:

    Hi there,

    I live in Bowmanville Ontario, and I have the fisher price stand and ride that I am willing to part with as we need a double jogging stroller so that we can hike and what not. I am looking for 120$ but will accept offers. Please email at if you are interested.

  93. nicole says:

    Hi I have a gently used fisher price stand and ride that I am looking to sell. It is gently used and comes from a smoke free home. I also have the original paperwork that it came with:-) I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone tall. I am 5’10 and loved that I was never hunched over to push it!
    Stroller is located in Sunderland, Ontario (1hr 15min North of Toronto) make me an offer

  94. nicole says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that the above item posted Feb 1st ,2009 at 6:36pm. Also comes with the back pack that clips to it (only used once) Nice way to secure everything.
    location: Sunderland (Brock Township), Ontario (1hr 15min North of Toronto)

  95. Stefanie says:

    I would love to buy one as well and I am in Winnipeg. Willing to pay to have shipped on greyhound bus if possible as well.

  96. Stefanie says:

    Sorry, EMAIL me at if you have one for sale to Winnipeg…..THANKS

  97. Martha. says:


    I sold the stroller.

  98. Vicki says:

    Does the front seat recline very much for a sleeping baby?

  99. Amy says:

    I recently purchased one from Big Lots in Orlando FL for $99. I bought it about two months ago and they had more!

  100. Mariane says:

    I live in Niagara and would like to purchase one of these strollers. If you’ve got one you’d like to get rid of, please email me!

  101. Amanda says:

    I am looking for one of these strollers…I live 30 min west of Kitchener Waterloo. Does anyone have one they’re looking to sell?

  102. Jenine says:

    I have one that I used for my visiting grandchildren (we went to Disneyland with it and got lots of questions about where it could be purchased!). It looks as good as new. The kids have moved and I am selling it on eBay. Free pick-up in the San Diego area.

  103. rosie says:

    I have a Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller for sale. $130 plus shipping from toronto.

  104. rosie says:

    I have a Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller for sale $130 plus shipping. Interested please email me at

  105. Lalo says:

    I just found the stroller in stock at
    I have never heard of this website, but they are the only place that has one in stock.

  106. pernoski says:

    We have one for sale.lightly used,we are in Vancouver B.C. $150.00 obo please call 604-802-4735 or email thanks

  107. amanda says:

    I have one for sale too 130.00 I live near Owen Sound/ Collingwood, Ontario. 2hrs North of Toronto.

  108. rosie says:

    I sold the fisher price.

  109. Tracy says:

    I have this stroller and LOVE it! It is discontinued but Big Lots carries them. Thats where I got mine (DE) and my cousin also found hers (NJ).

  110. johnell says:

    walmart has a similar stroller for $89.00, by baby trend . the Baby Trend – Sit N Stand Stroller with Parent Tray, Chatham

  111. Elizabeth says:

    I just bought this stroller today at Big Lots (Tampa Bay, FL) for $99. I really like the colors and the way this one looks better than any of the other sit n stand ones i’ve seen so far. I have an older (2yrs) Graco Snugride car seat, so I’ll let you know if it attaches to it or not.

  112. Jenessa says:

    Elizabeth would you consider purchasing another one and selling it to me. I live in Omaha, NE and have found one in Tampa also but they won’t ship it for me or do a store transfer and I know no one living in Florida. I can’t find it here to save my life.

  113. Trish says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I was just wanting ask you all that have a Fisher Price Stand & Ride Duo Stroller a few questions. When you have a car seat attached in the front seat, is there room for the second child to seat on the back. And also does the tray in front come loss and fall off. I’ve been reading that in my research. I have found one to purchase second hand ($125) and not sure. I have a 19 month now and a baby on the way in October and not sure what to do?? And would you recommend others to buy it? Should I buy the stroller or not?

  114. Paige says:

    I am interested in purchasing this stroller. Please contact me if you have one available at

  115. Rachel says:

    I am looking for the Fisher price sit n stand I live in toronto Ontario does any one know how I can get one.

  116. Krisy says:

    I am selling my sit and stand, I live in the Vancouver, BC area… if anyone needs one in this area.. .let me know..

  117. Virginia says:

    Please contact me if you are in Alberta and have one of these for sale – .

  118. Maribel says:

    Has anyone seen one in BigLots in Austin, Texas? Or someone selling theirs near there?

  119. Norma says:

    Hi, I live in Niagara Falls, ON and I am looking to purchase – is anyone selling one nearby or somewhat close?

  120. lina says:

    I was wonder if anyone knows how I can order another tray for the front sit because i misplaced mine or lost it??? my daughter loved it because it fit perfect for her sippy cup!!! Please help really need one.

  121. Gerlinde says:

    I have a very gently used, excellent condition Stand n ride Duo stroller for sale on craigslist (Philadelphia): Contact me through the craigslist link!

  122. uyenchi says:

    I live in Toronto and was wondering if there was anyone who is selling a Baby Trend/Joovy/Fisher Price Sit ‘n Stand stroller? New or used ok.

    Also looking for a Maclaren Triumph or Techno. Any comments?

    Also wondering if the difference among them all in regards to sturdiness and maneuverability.

    Replies appreciated greatly!

  123. Erin says:

    Hi, I am looking for the Stand and Ride Fisher Price Stroller. I am in the Ottawa area. Does anyone have one for sale?

  124. Erin says:

    Opps. Forgot to post contact information. Pls e-mail me at if you have one for sale in the Ottawa area. Thanks!

  125. AmberA says:

    Hello to all!

    I have this stroller and it is an absolute Godsend. I don’t know what I would have done had I not got this stroller. I have 2 very busy boys. One will be 4 in May, the other is 19 months. They both love the stroller. The seat in the back is great – plenty of space. Also the platform is larger than most with lots of room. I have even had my boys on there, plus their cousin and pushing is still a breeze. (19 month old up front, one boy standing, the other sitting in the jump seat) I did have a graco duoglider and it was next to impossible to push. I like my fp much better. And lets face it, ALL double strollers are heavy to load and unload. This one is easy to fold though, with one hand folding system. The joovy and babytrend do not hold a candle to it. We take it everywhere we go walks, zoo, Disneyland. At 4 years old my son loves that he can rest when he wants or he knows that when we get to a busy place or busy road he must get in the stroller. Like I have said – just a perfect stroller!

    The only negative I can think of is it doesn’t have the 5 point harness which is sometimes needed to keep a busy child seated.

    To Trish – I would absolutely buy it used for 125 – great deal! The car seat doesn’t take up all the space. Still plenty of room for 2nd seat. The tray doesn’t come off. You have to push a button and slide it over. It doesn’t release.
    Vicki – The seat does recline. Not all the way down, but similar to a recliner at home. They could sleep peacefully.

    It is however, difficult to find. No longer in production (not due to recall) Some have found a Big Lots, but this was mainly in late last summer. Craigslist and Ebay are a good place to look. But, if you want it new and are willing to pay original price for it you can find it on It is 149.99 and with shipping I think it came to 189 something. That is where I purchased mine. It like the junk/old people gadget magazines that your grandmother gets. But, hey at least it is available.

    Just thought I would pass my experience along. Good Luck!

  126. Robyn says:

    Hi! I’m in Reno, NV and I have a Fisher Price Stand N Ride Duo Stroller. Used only 3 times. My kids are very independent and refuse to ride in strollers. Paid $200 at Babies R’Us. Is in excellent, basically unused condition. I still have the original handbook it came with. Am willing to sacrifice it for just $100+shipping. If you are interested ( I would have to calculate shipping), I can ship it to you. If you have paypal and are interested, I would be happy to sell it 🙂 thanks!

  127. Holly says:

    I saw this stroller this week in a Big Lots. They had 3 of them and they were priced at $99.

  128. Robyn says:

    Not every town has Big Lots though.
    That’s certainly an awesome price
    But retail for them where that store isn’t available is almost double that…something to keep in mind…

  129. Cathy says:

    looking to purchase stroller by summer 09, Toronto, ON but willing to travel, please contact me at

  130. Heather says:

    I have a Fisher Price Stand n Ride Duo Stroller in great condition for sale if anyone is interested. I live in Colorado Springs, CO and would be willing to ship, though I’m not sure how much it would cost. I’m asking $95 plus the cost of shipping. If interested, you can contact me at

  131. Dana says:

    contact me if you have one of these strollers somewhere closer to florida for a reasonable price

  132. Stefanie says:

    Please contact me, I have emaild but got no responses yet – would like to purchase stroller

  133. Amanda says:

    Im looking to buy the Stand n Ride Duo Stroller new or used. I live in the Niagara Region. If you have one to sell please contact me at:

    Thank You

  134. April says:

    does the front seat recline all the way? Are the wheels made of rubber or plastic or foam? Thanks!!

  135. April says:

    OK! I bought one for $99 at Big lots! It took me about an hour to call all my area big lots to find one then an hour to drive to the closest one and back. I also had found one on craigslist for $70 but didn’t get her reply until i made it nack home with my pruchase.

    I LOVE this stroller!!! It is significantly easier to steer than my full double and SUPER easy to fold/unfold. I love the shopping bag option and my preschooler loves the jumpseat! We will use this to replace our regular single stroller as well as our double!

    To answer my own questions above-
    The front seat reclines almost all the way back, love that.
    The wheels are foamy I guess but still seem sturdy. The wheels are big & wide set.

  136. wenyu says:

    contact me if you have one .philadelphia!

  137. Stefanie says:

    I just want to give my opinion – I had very recently bought a Baby Trend Sit n Stand because I couldnt find this one – I just found one today and went to pick it up and all I can say is it is much better the the Baby Trend.
    Its so easy to use – fits in my trunk (which is quite small in fact) and it is truly not that heavy – I can just tell from the feel that it is built better. I also had a very easy time pushing it through the snow which was awesome.
    ***** for sure!

  138. Leah says:

    I just bought one second hand, are they all so loud?
    Sort of like a squeaky sound? Seems to be in the handle – close to the seats maybe?

  139. Jenna says:

    Anyone selling one in berk county pa

  140. Anita says:

    I have one of these strollers and was planning on selling it on eBay. I was looking for photos for my listing when I saw that many people are interested in it so I made a craigslist listing for it. If intersted, you can contact me via craigslist 🙂

  141. Laurin says:

    There are a couple on ebay right now. Prices range from $81used with time left in auction to $275 NIB. There is one for around $200 NIB. Many of the Big Lots in NC/SC sold them quickly. I bought one and love it!

  142. kenesha says:


  143. kenesha says:


  144. kenesha says:


  145. Renata says:

    I’m selling one, gently used, good condition. Smoke and pet-free hausehold. Charlotte/NC. Price is 110 OBO (+shipping costs), local pick-up welcome!

  146. Jenessa says:

    I have one of these new no box I assembled it for the lady that was going to watch my toddler with her newborn and she got an offer to go back to her job she could not resist. 2 days after stroller arrived of course. Bought on fingerhut for 169 with shipping and everything. Local pickup $150 or I will ship $150 plus shipping my husband works for ups so not much with discount.

  147. Karla says:

    $$ I also have one FOR SALE $$. Only used once at the mall and once around the neighborhood. Will sell for $90 OBO(+shipping)or local pick-up Grand Rapids,MI

  148. Kim says:

    I have one for sale in Georgetown, ON area. LOVE this stroller. What a difference from the clumsy and heavy double stroller we had. This one is easy to fold with one hand and put in the back of the car. We used it for 3 trips to Disneyworld and people came up to me every day to ask where to get one… It is in excellent condition and the only reason I will part with it now is that my son is 3 and my daughter just turned 7 on our last trip there. She still fits on the jump seat just fine, but she is old enough to walk… Will sell for $150 OBO

  149. Karla says:

    $$ I also have one FOR SALE $$. Only used once at the mall and once around the neighborhood. Will sell for $90 OBO(+shipping)or local pick-up Grand Rapids,MI

  150. Julie says:

    I am looking for one of these strollers. I live east of GTA, but willing to travel in GTA or East. Really want one for the summer.
    If have one, please let me know

  151. Julie says:

    sorry, heres my email: 🙂

  152. Karla says:

    I have sold my stroller.

    Comment by Karla on 13 April 2009:

    $$ I also have one FOR SALE $$. Only used once at the mall and once around the neighborhood. Will sell for $90 OBO(+shipping)or local pick-up Grand Rapids,MI

  153. Tracey says:

    I am looking for the fisher price sit and stand stroller. Anyone selling one or know where I can buy one??? Please let me

  154. karen says:

    I am looking for the fisher price stand and ride duo stroller. I am in New Jersey. Does anyone have one for sale? Or if I could even take a look at it before I look further into purchasing it from ebay. Tahnks.

  155. Jamie says:

    Please contact me if you have this stroller to sell in or around Cleveland, Ohio OR Troy, Michigan. Thank you!!!!

  156. lilly says:

    Looking for the fisher price stand and ride duo stroller in the tampa bay area? If you know of any available email thanks

  157. Kimf says:

    Can someone please measure their Fisher-Price Stand ‘n Ride Duo Stroller and tell me the length and width when it is collapsed???

    I can’t find the info anywhere online and haven’t seen these in any stores…don’t even know anyone who owns one!
    If you don’t have time to measure please just give me a rough estimate or tell me the smallest car trunk it might fit in.
    I drive a Honda Civic…

  158. Mary says:

    I have one of these Fisher-Price Duo Sit and Stand Strollers – brand new w/out box – never been used. I am in Harpers Ferry, WV – will sell for $75 + S&H – or pick up for free 🙂 Contact me at if interested.

  159. Kate says:

    Does anyone know what the height limit is for the jump seat? I have a very tall 3 year old and want to know if this will be a good option…he is too tall for the baby trend and I have heard that the joovy is too flimsy/and it doesn’t have some of the options.

  160. Rebecca says:

    Kate, I don’t have mine anymore because we just recently sold it so I can’t measure the height for you but my son was almost 4 1/2 (about 42 inches tall) when our second was born and he always fit comfortably in the jump seat. It’s a really great stroller. We loved it a lot!

  161. Joana says:

    looking for fisher price sit & stand stroller in the GTA,I live in Brampton,on. but will travel to get it,if you have one in good shape please contact me @

  162. Claudia says:

    I bought this stroller at Big Lots for $99 2 weeks ago and i love it!!!

  163. karen says:

    Claudia , Where was the big lots?

  164. Amanda says:

    Hello, I have the stand and ride stroller! Its the best ever, but willing to sell for $140.00. Live in Kitchener, Ontario. Pickup only

  165. karen says:

    Does anyone have one of these for sale around New Jersey? I bidded on two of these on ebay and did not get either. I could really use this stroller for this summer. Please email if you have one to sell.

  166. Erin says:

    I am also looking for one of these strollers. I am in the Baltimore area and willing to drive a bit to pick one up. You can contact me at


  167. Erin says:

    I have the stand ‘n ride duo stroller for sale, pick-up only $150.00 I live in Barrie.

  168. Jessica says:

    Looking for one in ohio. Email if you have one willing to travel…I live north of columbus!!!

  169. Jessica says:

    Just posted above and forgot email me

  170. GISSEL says:

    Hi, I just bought this stroller used, when I bought it the person opened it and showed it to me, it was great, he folded the stroller, put it in my car, and when I got home, I got it down, and opened it to clean it, now I can’t seem to know how to close it down, If anybody can please help me with this, I really need help with this, Thanks

  171. Julie Wilson says:

    I have one in NW Indiana/South Chicago I want to sell.

  172. Amanda P. says:

    Oh My!! Wish I would have seen this post sooner. I would love to buy one in the Wichita KS area. I’ve looked everywhere!!!

  173. Jennifer Branson says:

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy this stoller also and am looking for one thats REASONABLY priced. Please let me know if you are looking to sell one. I will also be checking my local Big Lots for one.
    Please contact me if you have one to sell and are near me!

  174. Bree says:

    I just found one at the Big Lots here in Port Orange Fl. There is one left. I just got done puttng it together. Wasnt that hard at all.. does anyone know where i can find the backpack attatchment? Id like to get one. thank you. email me if you know thank you

  175. Jennifer Branson says:

    I am looking to buy one for a reasonable price and in great condition. I am located in Nortwest Indiana.Feel free to email me with pics and prices. Thanks

  176. Seneca says:

    I am also looking for one in the NYC area. please email

  177. Rebecca says:

    I have a Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller for $140 I live in Central Indiana. I have had it for a year and have only used it four or five times

  178. Jennifer Branson says:

    Rebecca Hi I have family located in Central Indiana and I am interested in purchasing the stroller….Please contact me
    Thanks I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  179. marcos says:

    Hi there,
    Interested in purchasing your Sit and Stand Stroller…
    For immidiate pickup….

    Call me 647-998-8354 (marcos)

  180. Danika says:

    I was wondering where i could get that sit and stand stroller?

  181. Carryn says:

    I have a BRAND NEW Sit and Stand (exactly as in the picture above) that I have NEVER used. My toddler son wanted to sit beside the baby so I had to get a side by side stroller instead. I live in Toronto in the Beaches area. I’m selling it for $175 firm. Email me at if interested.

  182. Rebecca says:

    I still have a sit and stand stroller for sale in indianapolis area for $140 email me at

  183. Rebecca says:

    stroller no longer available

  184. Nadine says:

    I’m looking for sit and stand stroller in good condition. Shipping would have to go to an apo
    Adress. Please email me!!!

  185. Jennifer says:

    Hi everyone I just purchased one of these and am looking for the cup holder if anyone has one for parts the let me know if you have one and how much.
    I’m in Northwest IN. and would pay for shipping. Email me

  186. brandy says:

    I got this stroller at big lots in california, i only paid $100 brand new, just a heads up sometimes stores like that get stuff that has been discontinued good luck 🙂 its an awesome stroller

  187. Jennifer says:

    Still looking for the cupholder if anyone has a strooller for parts. I am willing to pay shipping if need be.
    Please email me

  188. Carryn says:

    I’m willing to sell my brand new one for $100. I live in Toronto. Email me at

  189. Maggie says:

    I have this stroller and have used it several times, I really love the different uses for this stroller, it is in great condition looks brand new still. I am looking to sell it since it cannot fit in my new vehicle’s trunk. If interested I live in Middletown, NY. Email me Thank you!

  190. sara says:

    i got this stroller 1 month ago from big lots Athens,AL for only 99$….they still have one if anybody’s really a great stroller.the best sit & stand ever.
    here’s their phone no. if u wanna ask them if they can mail it to you :(256) 230-3601
    good luck

  191. Jenny says:


    Does anyone have one of these strollers in the Ottawa area?


  192. Maria says:

    Trying to reply to but I am getting a delivery failure notice.
    I am VERY interested in purchasing your stroller. Is it still available?
    If anyone has a this stroller for sale in the Toronto area. Please let me know. Thanks(

  193. Christine says:

    HI there I have this stroller have used it for about 2 years but barely used it LOVED it!! sorry to see it go, asking $160.00 Located just south of Barrie

  194. rita says:

    I am looking to buy one of those!!!!
    live in richmondhill. willing to pick up in the area of GTA

  195. Susan says:

    Hi I am looking for one of these strollers in the Newfoundland Canada area, anyone have one for sale?

  196. Jen says:

    Hi, I am looking for this stroller – in Edmonton – does anyone know where it can be purchased in Alberta?? Or if anyone in the Edmonton area has one for sale, please let me know. Thanks!!

  197. Sarah says:

    I am looking for parts for this stroller. Like the brakes, wheel caps, parent tray, canopy, and the parts to keep the back wheels on. I will gladly pay to have them shipped to me and pay for the parts. Thanks, Sarah

  198. Greg says:

    I have one of these strollers available for sale in the Green Bay, WI area.

    Please reach me here if interested:

  199. Cathy says: I have tried to email you about purchasing your stroller. I cant seem to get my email to go through to you.
    My email address is if you still have the stroller for sale I would like to purchase it from you.
    Please let me know.


  200. Cathy says:

    If anyone is selling this stroller in good condition within the GTA please email me at Will travel to pick up if in good condition.


  201. Jennifer says:

    I am looking fro one of these in the Albany, NY area. If anyone knows where I can get one new or you have one PLEASE let me know!! you can email me at


  202. Jennifer says:

    Hi All
    I’m looking for the parent cupholder only and will pay to have it shipped.
    Please contact me if you have one you would like to sell me.

  203. joanne says:

    does anyone know where i can find the fisher price utility wagon anywhere in toronto?

  204. Bernice says:

    I am looking for this stroller in brand new condition or barely used condition either in the Toronto or Montreal area. Please email me if you have one to sell

  205. Tammy says:

    I have this stroller for sale if anyone is interested I am located in Milton, Ontario but could meet in surrounding cities if you need.
    email if interested

  206. Anita says:

    Does anyone know how to fold the FP stroller I got mine used, lady sold it to me broke, husband made it all better, but can, not figure out how to fold it?

  207. Sara says:

    I would love to get one of these, for $100 or less. I live in Eastern Ohio, could travel a bit to get it (we are south of Cleveland and Northwest of Pittsburgh). Contact me asap if you’ve got one…

  208. Padua says:


    I have this stroller in sale!!
    If you are still interested, please contact me!!
    The stroller is in good conditions, and is perfect for families that have toodlers and babies.

  209. sarah says:

    i’m looking to buy one of these strolles it is the only sit-n-stand i have found that has that extra bag. any ideas on where to find one?

  210. Roberta says:

    I have one of these strollers for sale. It does have a tear in the rubber on the handle but other than that it is fine. I live in Southern Ohio, east of Cincinnati if anyone is interested you can email me at

  211. Jen says:

    I am looking to buy just the cupholder if anyone has one they are looking to sell.

  212. Sandra says:

    I am trying to decide which sit n stand stroller to get (I would buy used). Do you have any comparisons between the Fisher Price, Baby Trend and Joovy? I’d probably use it mostly going to attractions (zoo, festivals) and in the mall. Although I like to walk alot too around town (on and off the paths) and in the country. I’d want there to be lots of room for the child in the back when the carseat is in the front seat. Thanks for any comments.

  213. Victoria says:

    I am looking to buy this stroller. I have two kids a son who is 1 and a daughter who is 2. My daughter is autistic and so we have 5 appointments every week for therapy. She likes to walk but can’t walk long distances and my son just started walking 6 weeks ago, so I still need them to have a place to sit but also be able to walk. I have a side by side stroller and my kids hate it now. I want to but the fisher price stand and ride duo stroller. I live in Columbus, GA. I would like to find one close to me but if not I am willing to pay shipping as well. Thanks

    Please email me at

  214. Joff says:

    I have one of these strollers for sale. Barely used condition. Ottawa (Ontario) region.
    Please email me at

  215. Vivian says:

    Hi,I am looking for FP sit and stand stroller, I only can afford $100 or less. Please email me if you have i for sale and i live in Toronto. Thanks

  216. karen says:

    i would like to buy this stroller. i live in southwestern ontario and am willing to travel to michigan for it. please email me

  217. Lukas says:

    I am really looking to buy this stroller. If anyone has one please contact me at

  218. Julie says:

    I am selling our Stand n Ride for $120. Our kids really loved this stroller but they have grown out of it. I live in Quebec City. The stroller is still in great condition.
    Contact me at

  219. Melissa says:

    I have one that I am looking to sell. It’s in great shape, we only used it a couple of times then my son decided he was too big to ride in a stroller! LOL So it’s just collecting dust in the garage. Anyone interested? We live in PA. If you’re interested, please feel free to email me at

  220. Caresse says:

    I have had this stroller for a month or two now. Any disappointments I’ve read so far are personal experience and not really having anything to do with the stroller itself.

    Its great outdoors, its great in malls, its maneuverable (as much as a 2kid stroller can be), roomy, safe, and convenient in all ways.

    I take it with me everywhere.

    How do you attach the carseat though? if anyone knows, let me know thanks! (bought it second-hand, so if there’s an attachment I’m missing I need to know).

  221. syeda says:

    im looking for this stroller.would u please tell me where can i buy it?if somebody have and wanna sell it please contact me at if ur in scarborough,toronto on canada

  222. kate says:

    hi, i’m selling this stroller for 80$. i live in st augustine, fl. If you’re interested, please feel free to email me at

  223. Barbra says:

    Hi im looking to buy a sit and stand stroller but with a sit provision too at the back. I live in downtown toronto, please email you as soon as possible if you have this item. Preferably fisher price

  224. aleta says:

    i happened by chance saw an add about this FP duo stroller in a stroller website. the moment i saw it, i fell in love instantly. and i read so many good comments about it. too bad i live far away from the countries that sell the FP. Some websites only ship around US only. and i live in indonesia (south east asia). i don’t know if i can afford it plus with the shipping fee.
    i got demotivated in searching it. yet,sometimes i prayed for it. then suddenly i saw another add in local website, and there was a lady who was going to sell hers (used one though). thank god!.
    we’re gonna meet tomorow. i’m really excited. even had a dream about it. ha ha. it’s kind of costly for me though. but, i’m willing for the convenience of my kids (specially the big one).
    hopefully i wll get the same good experience with all the parents that have this FP sit and stand.
    I wonder why they discontinued this stroller, if it’s such a big hit.

  225. Gwen says:

    I am selling my Fisher-Price Stand and Ride Duo Stroller
    I LOVED it a lot! Thought it was the best one out there for double strollers!!! I didn’t use it lots as my son was border line too big when I purchased it! But LOVED it when I did use it! It is in great condition!
    Feel free to email me at . I live in Mpls. MN

  226. Wisal says:

    I live in Winnipeg and I’m looking for a new or like new Fisher Price sit and stand stroller.

  227. Wisal says:

    Please email me at if you have one for sale.

  228. James says:

    Anyone looking for this in excellent shape, we are selling for only $100.00. We are located in Burlington, Ontario. Contact at 905-335-9497.

  229. Monika says:

    Hi, I am looking for this Fisher Price sit n Stand Stroller. Does anyone know where I can get it? Thanks, Monika

  230. Monika says:

    and my cell phone number is 407-371-7291.

  231. JIn says:

    Hi! i am in Dubai. any idea how and where to get this and what should i be looking to pay for 2nd hand? thanks…

  232. Jennifer says:

    Hi I am selling my Sit N Stand Stroller for 100.00. I’m located in Northwest Indiana. Please email me if interested in purchasing.

  233. Jennifer Aquino says:

    anyone selling this Fisher Price Stand ‘N Ride stroller? I’ve been looking for one in an excellent condition. I have a new baby and just can’t afford to buy a new stroller. Please email me at


  234. Jennifer Aquino says:

    anyone selling this Fisher Price Stand ‘N Ride stroller? I’ve been looking for one in an excellent condition. I have a new baby and just can’t afford to buy a new stroller. Please email me at

    I’m in Houston, TX.


  235. Viji Subash says:

    Hello, We are looking for Sit N Stand Stroller. We live in the Southwest suburbs of Illinois. Please let me know if anyone has one of these for sale. Thanks.

  236. Danielle says:

    I have one of these in great condition for $150 (+shipping). We haven’t used it very much because we have to store it in a small closet and it is about 1-year-old. We live in Orange County, CALIFORNIA.

    Contact me at for pictures or questions.


  237. Cheryl says:

    Hi. I am interested in purchasing a Fisher Price stand and ride duo stroller. I’m in Northeast Mississippi. Please contact me at


  238. Tammy says:

    I have this stroller for sale if anyone is interested. Located in Milton, Ontario. Asking $80.00.


  239. lianne says:

    i just got one from ebay love it

  240. marie says:

    i am in manila, philippines. any idea where i can buy this stroller. please email me at

    i am expecting another baby in 3 months. i badly need this stroller. i am willing to pay for the shipment.


  241. candice says:


  242. Brian says:

    To close the stroller you need to first put your hand on thecenter of the stroller bar arounf the button. Lift up slightly THEN squeeze and it should drop down and collapse. Good luck.

  243. Danielle says:

    I have one of these in great condition for $75 (+shipping). We haven’t used it very much because we have to store it in a small closet and it is about 1-year-old. We live in Orange County, CALIFORNIA.

    Contact me at for pictures or questions.


  244. Bree says:

    I have one of these. I LOVE IT!!! i bought it at a local biglots for 100 bucks in florida… i recently moved to oregon and in the cab ride from the orlando hotel to the airport the stupid driver slamed it in the back door (it was a van type cab) and bent the right bottom wheel. :o( IM SOOOO SAD. :o( i would really like to replace it.. ive tried to straighten it out but with no luck. This happened back in november… I thought i would be fine but it is not bending even more and it wobbles verry badly. :o( If anyone is selling one for a resonable price i would really appreciate it. THANX e-mail me at

  245. Bree says:

    ok..those were supose to be sad faces…. lol 🙁

  246. Sidney says:

    Hi I was woundering the stroller comes with attachment for the carseat right? The carseat attached the front on the try? Or do you have to buy another attachment?

  247. Laura says:

    If anyone is selling one of these strollers in the Williamsport, Pa area……please contact me. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day.

  248. Erica says:

    Hi, I have one of these stroller in excellent condition for sale in Spokane, WA. Email me if interested!

  249. Stephanie says:

    I really want this stroller, how do i get it?
    I live in Waynesboro, PA

  250. audra says:

    I live in DFW (Keller) and Have one of these strollers for sale 100.

  251. Cathy says:

    I have this stroller for sale. If anyone is interested, please contact me. LEt me know the model #, so I can be sure we are talking about the same thing. Thanks!

  252. Cathy says:

    OH, forgot to mention in the previous post that I am from butler, pa.

  253. Roberta says:

    I have one of these strollers for sale still. It does have a tear in the rubber on the handle but other than that it is fine. I live in Southern Ohio, east of Cincinnati if anyone is interested you can email me at

  254. Christina says:

    Hello. I am also looking for one of these strollers. I was told that here in California they sold them at Big Lots for $100.00, however they no longer sell them… Please let me know if anyone has one like the one above. Thank you.

  255. Jessica says:

    We currently have one of these for sale in my shop in Locust Grove, GA. It’s just South of Atlanta. If anyone is in the area and wants to pick it up feel free to email me at Asking only $75

  256. Jennifer Rice says:

    I have one of these strollers for sale in Sacramento CA if anyone is looking for one. Bought it brand new and still looks like new. Have kept it in plastic bag coverings while not in use. email me for more info or pictures.

  257. Jackie Myson says:

    Looking for a Fisher Price Double Stroller in Canada..> anyone selling? thanks

  258. Terry says:

    We have this stroller available for sale. We bought it 2-3 years ago but it sat sealed in the box until I put it together in January 2010 (so only 6 months light use). Asking $125 Canadian and located in Niagara Falls, ON. Email if interested.

  259. maribel says:

    please… i wanth to by thestroller sale me …im in texas

  260. rachel says:

    i am looking for one of these in england please x x desperate for one now x

  261. Shauna says:

    I live in Toronto Canada and have one in great condition. It also comes with extra wheels and trays.

  262. Nancy says:

    Hi Shauna, I am in Canada to and am wondering if its the same as pictured above , if so please inbox me as I need one desperately. Thanks

  263. Nancy says:

    Hi Shauna forgot to write my email address

  264. alison long says:

    Hi I am looking for one of these strollers is there anyone who can post to the uk thank’s my email address i

  265. Amy says:

    I have one that is for sale. I live in Tempe, AZ and am asking $75. This is the best stroller, however, I have too many and I need to get rid of some. Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at Thanks.

  266. Zsuzsa says:

    I have one a stroller pictured above for sale in NY area. Love the stroller and it is in great condition.
    I have too many strollers and only one of my 4 kids will sit in one. e-mail if interested

  267. egzresik says:

    how much weight does the child stand hold?

  268. Lisa says:

    I have this exact stroller for sale in Missouri. It was only used a few times. The wheels still look new! Contact me if interested!

  269. Kim Simons says:

    I have one of these strollers and I am in need of just the parents tray. If someone has one they are willing to sell for a reasonable price I will pay fo rit to be shipped to me. I am in Niagara Falls Canada. Please contact me.

  270. Sacha says:

    I am looking for this stroller for my girlfriend who’s about to have her second baby! I live in Texas but willing to pay shipping!! Please help!!

  271. Shannon says:

    I was given this stroller and I don’t know how to fold it down…please help!!

  272. amanda says:

    lisa where in missouri? i’ve been looking for this stroller

  273. FISHER PRICE STAND AND RIDE ON DUO STROLLER (big basket and seat ride along the back)

    I Have sent the link page with the stroller on it. it says fisher price i can see many peoples comments are looking for the stroller as well.

    I am in London England please send me a number i can call from here to order or in the uk please

    Thank you Regards

    Natalie Tarrant

  274. Callie says:

    I want one of these strollers. Do they not make them anymore? I live in Salt Lake city Utah.???

  275. lisa says:

    where can i buy one of these strollers and how much do they cost i live in england in the uk

  276. Paula says:

    I really want the fisher price stand and ride duo stroller. I live in Albany Oregon if anyone has one please email me. Thanks, Paula

  277. Where can I purchase one of the Fisher price stand and sit duo stroller. I really like it. I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

    Please e-mail me with a list of stores or places I am able to get this stroller.



  278. Terrill says:

    I have one for sale in excellent cond. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan canada.

  279. Terrill says:

    I have sold mine.

  280. Jenessa says:

    I would like to purchase the Fisher Price Sit N Stand Stroller. I am willing to pay shipping please contact me if you have one available. I dont actually have to have one until July so if you have one that will be available in a month or so please feel free to contact me also.

  281. lona says:

    i have one for sale and i’m in southern california. I am about to put one on craigslist inland empire…you can find the post there and contact me if interested. thanks!

  282. sarah says:

    I have this for stroller for sale in Missouri if anyone is looking to buy this model. I have the owners manual and it is in good shape. Please email me soon if you would like it, I am going to sell it in a sale this weekend.

  283. La says:

    I am looking for one of these fisher price duo sit and stand strollers. I’m in the Chicagoland area. Please contact me if you have one. I need it asap.


  284. La says:

    Sorry I put the wrong email address.


  285. Natasha says:

    I want to bed this stroller. If somebody have it and ready to sell in Texas (DFW area) I would love to buy it.


  286. Jenn says:

    HI, I am in Kitchener Waterloo,Ontario and I am looking for one of these strollers ASAP. I am having an impossible time finding one.
    Email me with pictures,the condition,any information I need to know and what your asking for it.

  287. anna says:

    Hi I am looking for one of these fisher price duo sit and stand strollers.Really like it. I’m in the Sacramento, Ca Please contact me if you have one.

  288. tiffanie says:

    i need a canopy and a parent tray for this stroller. if anyone knows where i can get either on of them. or if i can order replacment parents please let me know. thank you.

    my email

  289. Kim says:

    I have one for sale in Saskatchewan, Canada

  290. Jill says:

    I was given one of these strollers from a friend and I am expecting again, can anyone tell me how an infant car seat fits on the stroller. Also, is there a particular brand on infant car seat that works best.

  291. Lisa says:

    I had this stroller and sold it because I thought my son would be happier facing forward. We got a babytrend double and I can’t stand it, the weight distribution is terrible. I can’t believe Fisher Price discontinued this stroller; it is the best design for older or heavier kids. If anyone has this for sale in South Florida, please email me.

  292. Krysti says:

    I want this stroller i live in eastern nc anyone have one forsale why did fisherprice stop makin it… If u have on an are local please email me klbland2184@yahoo.comt thanks

  293. Jan says:

    I want this stroller and i live in north mississippi. if you have one for sale contact me thanks

  294. angela says:

    i have one for sale.we live in central ny.only used 4 or 5 times still in great shape ! i also have a travel bag to go with it..great for checking at the air port.

  295. angela says:

    $200.00 including the bag …you can reach us at

  296. Wendy says:

    I really want a fisher price sit-n-stand stroller!! Where can I find one. I live in Savannah,Ga.

  297. HDHeltz says:

    We are about to post a barely used Fisher-price model on ebay – probably today or tomorrow (July 2-3, 2011). Please check it out!

  298. Angelia says:

    My question! well I live in Kitchener and went to Babies”R”Us and didn’t see any sit and stand strollers other then a BabyTrand XL and was wondering were to get the Fisher Price Stand ’n Ride Duo Stroller and if anyone could tell my what the price is…..THANK YOU

  299. Heather B says:

    I just bought one today on craigslist. They were discontinued in 2007. Not for recalls, just because about 10 other companies now make the sit n stand models as well.

  300. Kim E. says:

    HI there, was just recently given this stroller from a friend of a friend. I like it…but am unsure how to securely attach the carseat. We have a graco carseat and it attaches fine to the child snack tray, but how do I secure the other end, that is sitting on the upright (back) of the stroller seat? and can the seat/platform be used at the same time as the carseat is in it?

    Thank you

  301. Liz r says:

    Hi i have one selling it for 30.00 im in Compton ca

  302. Sam says:

    I need this stroller if anyone has it for sell??

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