Is Luxury Wasted On A Newborn?

In the next few days we will all get a look at the luxurious gear, newborn twins, Max and Emme will be using in People Magazine.

I have seen a few of the pictures and it is all making me wonder is luxury wasted on a newborn?

Don’t get me wrong, I love having nice things for my son just as much as any parent does, but I also know that kids are messy.

Every mom knows that they could throw up all over or have an exploding poop at a moments notice.

It’s not too bad if they do it on a $5 target receiving blanket, but if a mess like that occurs while you are using a $300 dior blanket or while they are wearing a $75 sleeper – the waste could get excessive.

The baby market has progressed to a level that you can get practical items, that look good for reasonable prices.

Does a baby need a chandelier in their nursery? Do they need a $1000 crib to be safe and comfortable? Should they only wear clothes that are handmade in France? Probably not.

My son will be three in August and we have just started buying nice clothes, and better gear for him. It’s not like he ruins things, but he’s a baby (or he was) and without realizing it, milk gets spilled, snacks get dropped and weather happens.

Somedays our stroller looks like it has been run over three times by a Mack truck.

It might not happen tomorrow, but Jennifer Lopez will realize that having an all white nursery and a 2 gargantuan $2500 strollers is not practical. Keeping things simple and toting your kids in a double Valco stroller is.

I guess it’s just a right of passage. Every mom has a product, she was seduced by while she was pregnant that she wishes she will never see again.


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