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It’s Raining Twins at Springville Elementary School!

‘Seeing double’ might just be the most frequently used phrase by anyone who visits Springville Elementary School. 20 sets of twins enrolled at the school this year along with two sets of triplets as its students!

SES principal Bobby Byrd himself finds it amazing that the school has those odd figures to boast of.

“Having over 900 students at our school is a blessing,” Byrd told the St.Clair Times. “It just shows how much Springville is growing, and how many families are moving here. We have a great community and great schools.”

And even he admits to getting the twins or the triplets mixed up. When asked if he calls them with the wrong name he says, “All the time.”

SES guidance counselor Tami Wester says that this year the school has record number of twins.

“Several years ago, we had 18 sets of twins,” Wester said. “We didn’t even know they were twins until they showed up this morning, and that’s because we have a lot of new kindergarten twins.It is really cool to do a double take. Some of them are identical twins while others are fraternal. It is a very unique experience “

It is definitely going to be a challenge for the teachers who need to teach and grade students who look just like the person sitting next to them.

Moms to the two set of triplets are teachers at the same school.



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