Lacing Toys Are Cool!

Lacing toys are a great developmental tool that are sometimes overlooked by parents. I had forgot about them until I took my son to the community center to play and the co-ordinator brought them out for the kids to use.

They are great for teaching hand-eye coordination and creativity.

While I know that there are millions of lacing toys, here are some that I like the best:

  1. Melissa and Doug – Lace and Trace animals($7.99)- 7 Lace and Trace Farm Animals are made out of sturdy wood pieces. The set even comes in a sturdy wooden box for easy storage!
  2. Lacing Hedgehog($10.49) – This no frills lacing toy comes with a no frills price. There are lots of holes for looping and crossing over.
  3. Sew and Sew($7.95) – This best selling lacing toy is simple and popular. It features a blunted wooden needle that fits through the ‘cheese’ holes easily. Because it is small, it can be used during travel or tucked in your purse as a surprise toy when you are out for dinner.
  4. Lacing Bear Dress-Up($9.97) – What more could a child want? They get to learn a great skill and dress a bear at the same time. This set, by Melissa and Doug, includes one adorable bear, seventeen clothing and accessory pieces, and two extra-long laces!
  5. Lacing Sneaker($10.95) – This toy is great because it takes your child through many developmental stages. It teaches lacing skilling and helps with learning how to tie laces. Kids will love it’s bright red colour and fun striped laces.
  6. Lacing Apple Tree ($21.99) – This hard to find wooden tree is interesting because it is almost 3-D. Kids can string the laces through in many way creating an almost Christmas Tree garland effect.
  7. IQ Preschool Ladybug Lacer($3.97) – This simple, reasonable priced toy will help your child practice their lacing and tying on a cute, painted wooden ladybug with holes. The 4-piece ladybug has a smooth finish and is brightly painted with red, green or yellow.

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