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Larry Birkhead’s Interview With Greta Van Sustren

Greta Van Sustren’s interview with Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn aired last night. Greta touched on most subjects focusing mostly on his relationship with Dannielynn and the transition from bachelor to full-time daddy.

Here is an except from the interview:

G – Any fatherhood surprises?

L – The long hours.

G – 24/7?

L – For the most part. I have someone helping me. If she needs me I’m available 24 hours for her, but she is a good baby. She is a great baby. Happy.

G – She is…she bounces a lot.

L – She Loves to Bounce, she loves music.

G – Could she dance?

L – Well she tries to. Do you want to try to dance? (To Dannielynn)

G – She’s just about standing with help?

L – She needs a little help, but she loves…if there is any music going she will definitely go to the music. She’s got a rhythm.

G – How much fun is it to wake to her smile?

L – I love it in the morning. She is a really happy baby, she’s always just just in a great mood. She love to be – she loves attention, she loves pulling on my hair. She loves uh, she loves to beat me up sometimes.

G – (about bracelet) she’s been holding this since we arrived.

L – She loves things. Sometimes she just grabs on and won’t let go.

On Leaving Dannielynn even to go for dinner:

L – Now that I have her, I just can’t see separating from her.

Was the it worth the fight?

L – Oh yeah, yeah yeah. She’s my little princess.

It is easy to see that granting custody to Larry was definitely the right decision. He appears to be very attentive to Dannielynn’s needs and has grown to know what makes her happy. Hopefully her mom is watching down, pleased with what she sees. I love watching the two of them together.

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