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Miracle 12oz Baby Sets Record At Maryland Hospital

To say Ariana Sophia Cruz-Gutierrez is a miracle is an understatement.  The little fighter arrived 4 months early on March 9 weighing a mere 12ozs(350gms).

12oz baby Ariana Sophia Cruz-Gutierrez

Given little chance for survival Ariana, dropped to a shocking 8 ounces but still managed to thrive and survive.

Claudia Cruz was hospitalized at 24 weeks with gestational hypertension, caused by the pregnancy. Shortly after, doctors at Anne Arundel Medical Center made the decision to bring on the birth.

“When the baby was born, we were uncertain of what could happen,” the baby’s father Oscar Gutierrez told the Capital Gazette. “The baby could die, but with God’s help and blessing, and the incredible work of the people here, everything has turned out well.”At birth, Ariana was not breathing. Her parents asked the team to resuscitate her, despite their concerns about her chances of survival.

At birth, Ariana was not breathing but her parents asked the team to resuscitate her, despite their concerns about her chances of survival.

“We felt like we wanted to die,” Gutierrez said. “But, now that we’ve thought of it, it was the best decision we made. Truthfully, when they told us the baby could die, our life changed completely.

Dr. Suzanne Rindfleisch, director of the NICU, said Ariana is the smallest preemie ever to survive at AAMC.

“She was our smallest survivor,” said Rindfleisch. “She was 12 ounces and dropped to 8 ounces. It was a long and difficult course for her, but she has a bright future ahead. Being at 24 weeks gestation, all the issues of a premature birth were there with the placement of tubes and monitors. She had transfusions and intubations. Her head sonogram was normal, though. And her parents were by her side all these months.”

Adding, “The family involvement was crucial. The attention they gave her and how they fought for her.”

Now 4 lbs. 15 oz, Ariana went home for the first time earlier this month.

The family won’t know if she will have any physical or intellectual challenges until 18 months at the earliest and perhaps not until school. Ariana will return to AAMC on a regular basis for therapy and checkups.

Earlier this year Ailey Rose Murillo made news for her miraculous survival at 9.5ozs.  Medical staff all over the world are really doing incredible things to give these babies a shot a life.

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