Mom Gives Birth in The Front Seat; Dad Films While He’s Driving!

Over the past 6 years we have written about many babies who arrived in the most usual places; Airplanes, trains, sidewalks, and the back seats of cars.  We have not, however, ever seen one where the dad-to-be was able to capture the baby’s arrival on camera – and DRIVE while the baby is being born!

Just 15 minutes into a 45 minute drive the video shows the baby girl ‘pop’ out and then start to cry.  After she unravels the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck, the new mom Jennifer Russel rests the newborn on her chest and then calls 911.

The footage has become an internet sensation. Zachary Russel told ABC news he was determined to capture his baby’s arrival and kept checking to make sure the frame was good.

The couple also revealed that they plan to keep the car for nostalgic reasons – and hope one day their daughter will be able to tell her friends that was where she was born.

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