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Mozambican Baby Born With Two Heads

Hospital officials are reporting that a Mozambican woman has given birth to a baby boy with two heads.

Sibone Mocumbi, a spokesman for the main general hospital in the capital Maputo, confirmed that the boy had been born over the weekend but refused to give details.

However a neighbour of the family, who live in the Magoanine neighbourhood of Maputo, said that the second head was attached to the infant’s abdomen.

“It is a male baby, with two heads, one of which is situated in the abdominal area,” described Mario Ntembe, who said he had seen the newly born child.

Ntembe said that the second head had two eyes, two ears, a mouth and nose, but they were apparently not functioning.

This is similar to the little girl that under went the surgery to remove 4 limbs. When the egg is dividing in utero to produce multiples, it sometimes doesn’t complete the process and only parts of the new baby are developed. In this case, an extra head and in Lakshimi’s case 4 extra limbs.

There is no word yet on if doctor’s plan to operate to remove the extra head.



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