New Moms Return To Work With Babes in Arms

Could you imagine being able to bring your new baby to work with you?

After the Census Bureau reported that 50 percent of all new mothers don’t return to work after giving birth some companies decided to get creative in order to keep their employees.

Over 80 companies have successfully allowed more than 1,000 babies in the workplace. On average the babies are allowed to be at work with mom until they are between 6 and 8 months or until they begin to crawl.

In the workplace, babies tend to be mellow and highly content. The workplace offers parental closeness, social interaction, physical contact, highly responsive care and high breast feeding rates.

Happy babies lower stress level and create feelings of camaraderie and a community among co-workers.

This initiative would definitely make it easier for new moms to breast feed longer. I wonder if there is a care provider on site to help out when you are busy with work stuff?



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