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Newborn Survives Being Buried Alive after Parents Thought She was Stillborn

There are little fighters, and then there are babies that survive the impossible. A newborn in China has done just that after being born prematurely, then buried alive for two hours, and still somehow surviving.

premature baby isolette

The newborn’s mother, Lu Xiaoyun, thought she was only four months pregnant when she started having sharp stomach pains while working on the farm. Lu called her husband, He Young, but by the time he made it home, his wife was in a pool of blood and their baby girl seemed to be stillborn. He immediately called an ambulance to attend to his wife.

When paramedics arrived, they asked to take a look at the baby, but the heartbroken mother told them that there was no point. Lu was then transported to the hospital, and while they were gone, Lu’s mother—the baby’s grandmother—buried the baby beneath a tree in the yard.

While at the hospital, a doctor told He and Lu that the baby could still be alive, that she should have been checked over by doctors for any signs of life. He immediately rushed home to grab the baby but found that she’d already been buried. Frantically, he started digging to pull her body out of the ground. Amazingly enough, the little girl was still breathing when he managed to find her.

Immediately, He rushed his daughter to the hospital where medics treated her. It was determined that she had been about six months gestation, rather than four. They treated for three days, but because they ran out of money, the family had her discharged.

“My mother-in-law has chronic diseases, and I also have a seven-year-old daughter,” He said. “My wife doesn’t have a job. I am the only one who works.”

But the baby is now back in the hospital, thanks to the donations from supporters and well-wishers that have heard of this little girl’s story. She is now in an incubator and, hopefully, she will do very well in the months to come.

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