Nurse Breastfeeds Baby Whose Mother Was Injured In Crash

Would you nurse a baby in need?  Most moms with milk would scream a resounding yes.  This is exactly what happened at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center when an infant in their care was inconsolable after their mom was injured in a car crash. 

Mom of two, nurse Yael Cohen offered to feed the four-month-old baby when they would not accept a bottle and was wailing loudly for hours.

“It wasn’t odd for me at all to offer it, even though I’ve never breastfed another person’s baby,” Nurse Cohen revealed.

“I asked the aunt taking care of her if it was okay for me to breastfeed, I wanted to hear that it’s fine by her. She was immediately enthusiastic and thanked me happily,” Cohen recounted.

“As a mother, it broke me to see [the baby] suffering. Hungry, her mother isn’t by her side and the only thing that can calm her is unavailable,” she says.

Yael Cohen nurses a baby in need

Nurse Yael Cohen with the infant daughter of an East Jerusalem woman who was seriously injured in a car accident, March 10, 2021 (Courtesy Hadassah Medical Center)

“I sat down, took her to me, calmed her, and fed her. And suddenly it got quiet, she calmed down and ate hungrily.”

Bless this mama for stepping in to soothe and feed this babe. 


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