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Orbit 2010: Demo of New G2 Stroller(VIDEO)

At ABC this year, Orbit pre-viewed G2 stroller that will likely be available in the U.S. early 2010.

Orbit Baby G2 Stroller - Ruby Red

This gorgeous red version(will also be offered in mocha and black) of this stroller features a redesigned 3D rotating stroller seat, newly designed tires, a child’s snack tray and white frame.

Canadians looking to purchase an Orbit will be happy to know that Orbit will soon be available here as well!

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  • I have the complete orbit system from the bassinet to the toddler seat and absolutley love it! I am just sad I bought my toddler seat a month or two ago before the G2 came out!

  • Regarding the response from Dec. 14. The Orbit is made from aerospace-grade aluminum for superior strength. It has ballistic fabric and a number of state of the art parts. It’s German technology at it’s finest. You won’t be able to find this at Walmart. The Chicco has a good rated key fit car seat for $179.00. The whole stroller system with the car seat is $199.00. Do the math. It’s like an Audi verses the Kia. Which one would you rather ride in?

  • Maddie – What is your basis for your statement? You looked at a picture? I agree with Mari, comparing the Orbit system with Chicco is apples and oranges. You just can’t do it. Get your hands on an Orbit and test it out before jumping to silly conclusions.

  • We have been an Orbit household from day 1 and love it. Very stable, easy to maneuver, extremely convenient car system, comfortable (or so our little one seems to indicate,) and fantastically easy fold. If you are planning a premium purchase anyway, I highly recommend it.

  • I am very interested in purchasing the G2 stroller system. This is my second child and I have a 3 1/2 year old that will be starting his first year of school….So I am looking for something that is extremely mommy friendly and SAFE! I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for but I would love to know is this stroller worth it!! Is the stroller system easy to fold? Is the base quick to install in the car and a reasonable size?….I looked at the Britax and the base is so large it does not fit into our smaller vehicle…we also live in an area that can get very cold weather rainny wet…winter can be very cold and we can receive a lot of snow…I live very close to a lake so it is very windy as well and would like to be reassured it will stand up (I have check other models but I am afraid the plastic parts will not withstand the cold)
    If anyone can give me some more specific information on this new G2 model I would be so thankful! For a Mommy that needs to be informed! Thanks

  • my wife and I are extremely interested in buying the G2 system, but are wondering about the maneuverability of the stroller on a snowy day. The wheels are not too big, so we are doubtful of its use when there are 4-5 inches of snow on a sidewalk.

    If anyone has experiences (positive or negative) using the G2 on the snow, we would like to read them.

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