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Product Review: Graco Color Video & Sound Monitor

Three years ago when we brought our son home from the hospital, I would have given anything to have a video monitor to watch over him while he was sleeping.

The problem was that at that time the only video monitors available looked like tiny little tube TVs only broadcasting in black and white.

Technology has definitely improved over the last few years, with companies offering parents sleek flat screen color monitors to watch over their precious bundles during the night and day.

We have been using the Graco Color Video & Sound Monitor for the last couple of weeks and I am in LOVE!

This super clear color monitor that features a 5.6″ screen allows me to watch my son during naps and bedtime.

It is nice to see what happens when he goes down to sleep, without having to stand in the doorway and peek.

When installing it we found the wall mount option the best for us. It keeps the camera off the table and away from little 3-year-old fingers, plus we are able to see the whole crib without having to try to point it through the bars.

The camera hub rotates quite nicely, giving parents the ability to control exactly what they want to see.

During the day the color screen is clear and sharp. At night, the ‘night view’ still allows us to see everything just as clearly, but only in black and white because of the darkness.

The camera comes with a blue light, which indicates what channel you have it on. It shines a little too brightly for us, so we put a piece of tape over top of it. We haven’t noticed a difference in the way the camera performs without it and our son seems to sleep better without the light shining across his room. This light may be beneficial to some who have kids that need a light in their room. Unfortunately for us, both our boys are used to sleeping in complete darkness and any light – even one on in the hallway – will keep them up.

Parents of twins or two different aged children will love that a second camera can be purchased to run with the same monitor. When hooked up, the monitor will toggle between both of the cameras showing mom and dad what is happening in each room.

I personally wish I could buy an extra monitor so that I could have one in my room and in the kitchen. Right now I move the monitor up and down the stairs between naps and bedtime.

Another feature I like about this system is that it runs on a 900 MHz signal. This means that there will be no interference from wireless routers, microwaves, or 2.4 GHz telephones. In the 6 weeks we have been using this monitor, we have also not heard any interference from neighborhood monitors. Our previous monitor used to pick up other kids crying on the street, which freaked me out.

Parents looking for a sleek, modern looking system for their nursery will love Graco’s Color Video & Sound Monitor. Not only do we like the way it looks, but it gets a lot of compliments from friends and family who are visiting.

Additional features:

  • Flat screen tilts for easy viewing.
  • Volume, color, brightness and contrast control.
  • Includes cable so you can view your baby on your TV.
  • Optional audio mode.
  • Optional audio only mode.
  • 400 foot range.

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