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Product Review: Peg Perego Duette SW Stroller

In anticipation of Baby#2 we have started looking for a tandem stroller. The Peg Perego Duette SW recently caught my eye because of it’s ability to accommodate an infant and toddler.

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by it’s strong, robust build. This stroller is a tank with all of the features that a parent with 2 children will need.

To get familiarized with all of the features and handling, we have been cruising around the neighborhood testing this tandem out.

Here is what I found:


When the stroller arrives you will need to put together a few things before getting started. Like any stroller, you will have to pop the wheels on. *Be sure to make sure that you use the front wheels on the front, and the back wheels on the back – get them mixed up and they won’t go on properly.*

The next step is to open the stroller, velcro on the storage basket, and then pop the seats and canopies into place.

Getting Started:

Opening and getting this stroller out on the road is very easy. The harnesses come installed and the seats arrive are ready to go.

Familiarizing myself with the Duette was very easy. While this stroller has a lot to it – everything is at your fingertips.

Comfort and Features:

The Duette SW was probably originally designed for parents with twins (or triplets Triplette SW ), but I have found it to be a great infant/toddler stroller as well. The interchangeability of the seats allows parents to position each child any way they would like. If you have 2 children that love each other – they can both face each other and share toys if they would like. If they are having a bad day and don’t seem to be getting along – the seats are able to be placed back to back for some piece of mind while you are finishing your shopping.

The same goes with for a newborn. Remove one of the seats and the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant Seat pops right in, facing you or facing out.

After 3 years of pushing a single stroller, I am just starting to adjust to the size and weight of this stroller. Peg Perego has incorporated a steering wheel above the handle bar of this stroller to help with moveablility.

The steering wheel makes maneuvering this stroller a dream because it is connected to the two front tires that pivot as you turn it. A release button is provided so that you can adjust the height of the steering wheel to your liking.

Mom or dad can also lock the ‘wheel’ from the hand set when it isn’t needed. Additionally, the Duette is equipped with all-wheel suspension and rear-wheel brakes.

The well padded seats are very reminiscent of Classic Peg Perego. Not only are they spacious, but they both feature generous canopies, complete with a zipper hood that can be used as a sun canopy and cover. Both children are able to sleep in the stroller when the seats are reclined if positioned face to face.

Each pampered child has it’s choice of a backrest that reclines to 4-positions and a footrest that has 2-positions.

Peg Perego also allows both children to retain their individuality with dual 5 Point freedom of movement harnesses. I wish that they would use a conventional harness that stays attached to the seat because the freedom is too much for my squirmy son, who is able to break free if I’m not paying attention.

This feature was designed to make it easy for your child to enjoy a snack without feeling refined.

Because the stroller weighs a healthy 33lbs, Peg Perego has incorporated two handles into the middle of the chassis. While I found these handles to be helpful when I was moving the stroller around, where they are located makes it hard for me to load it into my vehicle.


The Duette’s storage basket is probably the biggest storage space I have ever seen on a stroller. It stretches almost the whole length of the stroller and sits about a foot high. A busy mom could easily spend the day out running errands and not worry about where she was going to put her shopping bags.

This sturdy and practical stroller was designed to accommodate parents in almost any situation. Whether you are taking you kids to the mall or to the amusement park for the day, the Duette was definitely created with ‘kid comfort’ in mind.

While I love this stroller for local day trip, I would not recommend traveling by airplane with it because of it’s weight and it’s size. Parents who are looking to take a double stroller on vacation would find more success with Peg Perego’s Aria 60/40.

The Duette has been a Classic in Peg Perego’s collection for many years now and it has evolved substantially over the years. Their ability to change the stroller as new moms needs change has been the key to it’s success.

My wish for future models would be the possible addition of some storage tools for mom. A cupholder and a parent tray close to the handle would be a welcomed addition.

Other features

  • sanitized lacquered aluminum frame
  • two snap-on boots for cold weather
  • wheel diameter 30 cm
  • Stroller weight capacity is 45 lbs. per seat
  • net weight of chassis 11,3 kg (without the seats)
  • book folding system

Dimension and Weight

Duette SW
Height Length Width
Dimensions When Open 109 cm 140 cm 60 cm
Dimensions When Closed 43 cm 105,5 cm
Weight 19,8 Kg

About the author

Lisa Arneill

Founder of Growing Your Baby and World Traveled Family. Canadian mom of 2 boys, photo addict, lover of bulldogs, and museumgoer. Always looking for our next vacation spot!

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  • i question the part of this review that mentions “strong robust build”. yes, compared to an umbrella stroller, this unit seems beefier, however it has to take a *lot* of strain to carry two babies -both because of the extra weight of two babies, the extra weight of the stroller itself, the extra forces involved due to the larger structure.

    i purchased one less than a year ago, used it a lot, until recently when the front wheel fell off. when i took it in for service, they said they had just seen another unit come in with the same problem. (front axel damaged by wear).

    i think the frame and chassis of the unit may be “robust”, but some of the other parts (wheels/axel) are not engineered for the relatively heavy loads and strain of carrying two babies.

    i will say that my unit gets used outdoors in a variety of weather conditions and i live in an area with pretty bumpy sidewalks. otoh, my twins have just passed 20lbs/each, so all of my use so far has been with a relatively light load.

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