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Radio Flyer’s Pimped Out Cloud 9

Parents who are in the market for a luxurious wagon for their kids may want to add their name to the waiting list for Radio Flyer’s Cloud 9 wagon.

While it is currently just a concept, it features reclining upholstered seats, cup holders, rear and side storage compartments, a sun visor, and an MP3 player adapter with stereo speakers.

This wagon no longer targets the average family , but it attempts to tap into the luxury market that includes high-end strollers and baby carriages.

It also sports safety features that you’d expect to see in a motorized vehicle, such as seats with five-point harnesses and a parking brake on the handle.

“The Cloud 9 concept wagon is kind of like the concept car you’d see at an auto show,” said Tom Schlegel, vice president of product development at Radio Flyer. “It’s just taking those trends we’re seeing now in our products to the extreme and looking into the future to see how far this trend could extend. It’s more of a statement by us and to see what features and functions will resonate with customers.”

Radio Flyer’s current high-end model, The Ultimate Family Wagon, features five-way flip and fold seats that allow seating for two children with storage compartments, two child cup holders, two adult cup holders, a tray table for drawing or eating, and a flatbed area for more traditional hauling. A UV-protection canopy can be installed in seconds. The Ultimate Family Wagon retails for $136.



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