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Solid Foods Being Fed to Infants Too Early, CDC Says

For a good 20 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has advised that parents avoid feeding solid food before babies reach the age of 4 months. That suggestion was revised last year, and parents are now being encouraged to provide nothing except breast milk until the baby reaches six months. When breast milk isn’t an option, formula is considered an acceptable alternative. Unfortunately, the message doesn’t seem to be getting across, the CDC says.

Baby eating solids

In a national survey of 1,334 mothers, 40 percent said they gave their baby solid foods before the age of 4 months, and 9 percent said they had started as early as 4 weeks. This suggests that either mothers aren’t aware of the recommendations, or they find them too difficult to follow.

Some of the most popular reasons for offering solids included “my baby is old enough,” “my baby seems hungry,” “I wanted my baby to sleep longer at night,” and (the most concerning of all) “a doctor or health care professional said my baby should be eating solid food.”

Economics seemed to play a part in the decision. Young, unmarried, and less educated women seemed turned to solid food more often than other mothers. Poorer women, who tended to view formula as more expensive, also tended to feed solids sooner than those in higher income brackets. Additionally, those that exclusively fed formula or a mix of formula and breast milk were the most likely to say they’d received the go-ahead from their child’s pediatrician.

“Clearly we need better dissemination of the recommendations on solid food introduction,” Kelly Scanlon, an epidemiologist with the CDC, and an author of the study, told NY Times. “Health care providers need to provide clear and accurate guidance, and then provide support to help parents carry out those recommended practices.”

The problem is, that while pediatricians may be sympathetic to the difficulty that parents face in feeding their child only breast milk or formula during that first six months, it’s important that they stand by what they already know . . . little good can come of feeding a baby solids before they are truly ready.

“When a baby is ready to start eating food, he will put his hands in his mouth, and you will see him actually making chewing motions,” Dr. TJ Gold, a pediatrician with Tribeca Pediatrics in Brooklyn, told NY Times. “At three months, they can’t even hold their heads up well and they can’t sit up, making it difficult, if not dangerous to put solid food in their mouth.”

In addition, infants under six months haven’t had the chance to fully develop the diversity of gut bacteria needed to safely process solid food. This can lead to a number of gastrointestinal problems, including diarrhea and gastroenteritis (inflammation of the intestines). And there are studies that have linked the early introduction of solids to problems ranging from obesity and diabetes to eczema and celiac disease.

And those reasons for feeding solids early? They don’t really hold up much when you really take a good look at them. For example, if a parent is turning to a bottle to help a baby sleep at night or gain weight, they might find that, in some ways, they’re actually being counterproductive.

“That big fat bottle at the end of the night isn’t why your baby is sleeping—it’s a skill you acquire,” Dr Gold said. “And if you think giving your child more calories is going to help him gain weight, but it gives him more diarrhea, then he’s not actually absorbing as much.”

In fact, the only one that really holds any serious weight is the cost of formula.

“The formula gets really expensive, especially in the 4-to-6 month window,” Gold said. “and if you have more than one child and you’re already preparing food for the whole family, it’s much easier to just start sweeping things off your plate.”

This issue can be balanced out by encouraging breastfeeding as much and as long as possible, especially for women that are in lower income brackets. This is because, unlike formula, breast milk is supply and demand. As your baby needs more, your body produces more. For help with breastfeeding struggles, seek out help from a lactation consultant or a pediatrician that supports long-term breastfeeding.

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    • False correlation. There has been an increase in food allergies since they started recommending to delay certain foods or avoid them entirely. In places where they don’t delay specific foods there are very few food allergies.

  • This seems ridiculous to me. I knew both my sons were ready about 4 months for baby food. They were making themselves sick cause the formula wasn’t filling them up. And what mother would be stupid enough to give a 4 month old a hot dog. You give them baby food. It’s not like they have teeth. The whole scraping stuff off your plate and giving it to baby is dumb. They aren’t ready for that until almost one year when they have teeth to chew. That’s why they have these really watery liquid like jars of food called baby food.

    • You do realize that they do not need teeth to eat food right? No I would not give a 6 month old a hot dog because it’s garbage.
      I wouldn’t even consider giving food to a 4 month old and I didn’t touch jarred baby food. At 6 months old you can give baby food straight from your plate. No purees! Purees are okay if you want to go that route but they do not need them at all. It’s called Baby Led Weaning and it can be done with or without teeth!
      Thankfully I have a up to date doctor who understands that gut health is important! She recommends no earlier than 6 months for foods!

      • Where do you see a study that says that feeding early causes gut problems? More mothers are waiting yet gut problems are on the rise. This says that it is not caused by early feeding. Perhaps it is caused by having a pure liquid, painful tummy long after they need solid food.

    • Yup! I was going to follow the fold and wait the “prescribed” 6 months but at our 4 month well baby the pediatrician, you know the one with his MD told me our son was ready. He also said “you eat 3 meals a day he needs to eat 3 meals a day”. My son is now 4. We see the same pediatrician, he has ZERO concerns about obesity, diabetes, and this kid has zero allergies.

      At any rste by the time I am a grand mother you wont even be able to take the bubble wrap off your child til they are 18…and only then can we introduce food to them.

      • “He needs to eat 3 meals a day?” I would hope that your 4 month old was already eating far MORE than 3 meals a day. Most babies that age are nursing 6-10 times a day. (Or taking a comparable number of bottles.) If you were only giving your baby 2 bottles/breastfeeds a day, no wonder he was hungry.) IOW MILK is a ‘meal’ for infants. Solids, until baby is close to a year old, are mostly just for fun.
        (Sad that your doctor, the one with the MD, is unfamiliar with the recommendations of his own professional organization. The AAP says 6 months.)

    • They are referring to baby led weaning… Or mashing up veggies or fruits that would be served for the entire family. Some babies are ready around 4 months, like the article said… “Chewing motion”… Some babies aren’t interested in food until 14-16 months. Every baby is different. But, also, formula or breast milk is really all a baby needs until 1… Food before 1 is just for fun.

      • Until you see your baby going from being uncomfortable and never sated to being comfortable and fullfilled. This is simply formula companies trying to make more money. My boys were severly uncomfortable with a liquid diet and would cry when they smelled food and cry and reach for my food. Liquid only made them gassy and sick and they wouldn’t rest for more than an hour. Starting them on cereal early fixed this. Listen to your babies, not the CDC. They shouldn’t be in pain.

    • They were making themlselves sick?? a 4 months old? sorry or the formula was making them sick.. and yes you can give a 6 months old food from your plate.. fruit, veggie, meat .. and no they dont need theeths to eat that food
      bayby food is rubish and full of sugar… unfortunatelly you wont see the result or consecuences of this until they are adults..

  • Idk about this… I have been giving my baby rice cereal for a week now he is 3months and 1 week…. he loves it. He opens his mouth wide when the spoon comes to him and he smiles and coos the whole time. I do not give him much. once in the morning once at night and only enough to mix with 1.5oz of breasmilk its barely solid mpstlt liquid. Idk I think this is a case by case basis…

    • What your baby ‘loves’ them is the concept of taking breastmilk from a spoon. Do you really think he notices the taste of a tiny amount of starch in an ounce of breastmilk?
      If you really feel that your baby is ready for solids (and he isn’t), why not offer him real food with real taste?
      Whether your baby will be harmed by early solids, nobody can say. But anyone can say with absolute certainty that he doesn’t benefit from it.

      • no people can’t say with certainty that he doesn’t benefit from it. Good job listening to your baby and fullfilling his needs.

  • I’m so relived to read this article. After a year of extensively researching the GI Tract development between birth and 5 years of age I’m so saddened the research behind waiting till the baby is physiological ready to safey consume foods other than formula and breastmilk isn’t researched more often by well meaning but misinformed parents. Luckily there are enough scholarly articles and research papers avaliable online when searching Google.

  • This research is accurate. Before 6 months, the baby does not have all of the enzymes developed to breakdown the solid food he is getting. Thus, this leads to gut malfunction and many other GI problems. Though you may not realize it now, this can lead to further issues even decades from now.

    Just a dietitian’s perspective.

    • More parents are waiting yet gut problems are on the rise. Sorry, no correlation there. Made up facts, no study to prove this.

      • The gut issue is due to the fact that there are huge levels of glyphosate in baby formula. Another good reason to watch what you eat while breastfeeding too since glyphosate is passed through breast milk or if you find you can’t breast feed use organic baby formula.

  • Ashlee I saw my step sister in law give her son chicken that she pulled off the bone to her 5 month old son, who mind you had no teeth so believe it or not there are mothers out there that do dumb things like that.

    • Huh? How is that dumb? Both my kids have eaten chicken like that from 6 months on, maybe even earlier. Chicken is very soft. It’s called baby led weaning. Babies are capable of eating a lot more than people give them credit. It’s better than eating baby cereal and crap from a jar.

  • I followed my doctor’s orders and introduced rice cereal at 4 months. My son is big for his age and was sitting up really early and was ready for cereal. He started baby food (puree) shortly there after and introduced each flavor one at a time for a few weeks at a time so we knew there were no allergies. I think this article shines a bad light on the moms that are doing it correctly and following their doctor’s orders and suggestions.

    • This article seems to be talking about giving full on solids and purees prior to 4 months. You followed the doc and gave rice cereal (which is questionably a solid since it’s dissolved) at 4 months. You were working in conjunction with your doc and s/he was operating within CDC guidelines.

  • Both of my kids were eating a little cereal in their bedtime bottles at 2 weeks old. They are grown, healthy adults now. My youngest grandson turned 3 weeks old today and trys to eat his fist because he gets so hungry so fast. So if she waits until he is four months old to give him cereal, he is going to starve to death and they are going to go broke buying formula.

    • Beth, babies often chew on their fists. They are in the “oral fixation stage” at this point and put everything in their mouths… That doesn’t mean they are starving. This is NOT a reason to give cereal early. Babies will not starve without rice cereal. What do you think babies have done for centuries before cereal and baby food was invented?? They were breastfed usually exclusively for the first year if not longer. Formula/breastmilk is all a baby needs for the first months of life. Google “open gut” and read about the damage that can be done to baby’s intestines and stomach from feeding solid food before they are developmentally ready. Support your daughter/daughter in law and her decisions to wait to feed solids until 6 months or later.

      • Parents mashed up the same food the family ate. Baby foods have also been around for hundreds of years. Sigh. People are only starting to wait. Babies may have still been breast fed, but solids were introduced much earlier. Also many families had more children and when kids are less than a year apart parents were not breast feeding multiple babies.

    • I can’t actually believe this. A baby CANNOT stare on breastmilk/formula! How ridiculous! Babies sick their fists for COMFORT! If you think there hungry then feed them milk. I can’t actually believe the stupidity on thsee comments. Please never advise other mothers to wean early. Tell them to do there own research and tell them the guidelines…

      • Babies CAN starve on breast milk and formula! My youngest almost did! I HAD to give him mashed up food from the table! We found later that he was allergic to the formula and wasn’t getting enough from breast milk! The dr told me I was feeding him solids too early but he took his time to figure out the problem! If I had listened to my pediatrician, my baby would have died!

    • 3 weeks is a growth spurt. That’s why your grandson’s fist is in his mouth. Look into pace feeding. It will help get through growth spurts. There is a lot of new information out there, that parents did to the generation having kids now that is harmful and obsolete. I don’t know how many times I needed my doctor to talk to my mom about the new ways.

  • With eight kids I’ve found each one was ready for solids at a different apge. It’s called baby led weaning. You watch for signs for when YOUR baby is ready. Every baby is different 😉

    • I just want to Thank you for your input. It’s nice simple and honest. And not once did you have to go bash someone else and what they think.

  • I hate to see babies fed while the child is reclining. Too hard to swallow! Would you like to eat in that position?

  • I started with solids (avocados and bananas) at six months. I breastfed, but I do not agree with telling any mother how to parent, especially when it comes to breastfeeding, nor nutrition, aside from being kind and compassionate. It’s a very personal decision, based not only upon personal choice, but economic. My daughter has a great palate. A great book on food for kids is “Super Baby Food”…I used it and as my [vegetarian] friend said, “If you use 10% of this book to cook for your kid, you are crazy awesome.”

  • I have read many things about starting before 6 months and why it’s recommended. I started all 3 of mine early and no problems. The theory of open gut is just that a theory. If you can show me scientific peer reviewed articles I might change my mind. Also cereal in a bottle is so bad unless there’s reflux issues and many people give babies things like chicken when they do BLW. Yes a hot dog is ridiculous but to each their own. Everyone parents differently. No reason to judge.

  • The world health organization, the American academy of pediatrics, and the CDC all recommend waiting until 6mos to start solids. Why argue?

    Rice cereal added to bottles presents a choking hazard. Rice cereal also has 0% nutritional value and is just fillers. So giving it to baby is basically taking up room in there belly where they need nutrients from breastmilk, formula, or other food.

    Your doctor who recommends starti g solid before 6mos may have plgotten theri PhD 20yrs ago and we are muc more davenced medically. Yes, they take refresher classess to keep their certification, but it doesnt mean they take ones that present these fecommendatoons. A lot of doctors give bad and outdated advice.

  • “Open gut theory is just a theory”… so is the theory of gravity but I don’t see anybody arguing THAT…
    Every baby is different yes to an extent but baby should still be at LEAST four months old…

  • My grandson is 7 1/2 months old & we were given formula & stage 2 baby food for him through our WIC office,No matter how much we try to feed him the baby food he does not want it at all,he closes his mouth tightly or he turns his head & shakes it in the motion of no,so in place of using the spoon to feed it to him we will put it into his food bottle,he takes a few sips off of it & throws it away from him.I think he is not ready to eat food.we give him water daily now cause that’s what they said for us to do because of the food.but I totally feel he just does not want the food yet just his formula.we try all day everyday & still get the same reaction from him.

    • Three of my kids completely skipped the “baby food” stage and went straight to things they could pick up and gnaw. They breastfeed exclusively, grew just fine, and started in on soft table foods at 7-8 months.

    • That’s fine! Food before 1 is just for fun! You could look into making your own food. is a good source.


    No where in the cdc report does it say your bogus statements such as ” Young, unmarried, and less educated women seemed turned to solid food more often than other mothers. Poorer women, who tended to view formula as more expensive”
    Im old married and graduated college and still find this so offensive, couldnt take the rest of the article seriously after these rude inaccurate comments…

  • (RN) For those of you insisting your kids ate at 4 months “and they’re fine” or your idiot MD recommended it early… Let me tell you WHY you THINK there’s no consequence and you dr is clueless. The effects of virgin gut syndrome and side effects of early feeding aren’t typically manifested until early to middle adulthood. That means by the time your child is having issues with their health, or major GI problems, they’re too old to be seeing a pediatrician, and old enough that you’re not thinking back to when you fed them too damn early. Let’s hope they take better care of you in your old age than you did of them by feeding them too soon.

  • Studies look at the relationship of marital status, education levels and age and it is not meant to be offensive. The fact of the matter is, these factors play a role in health services research and health outcomes research. The study found those things to be significant factors.

  • We waited until 6 months. But no no no you don’t have to do pureed food first because a baby doesn’t have teeth. We literally gave our daughter bites of what we were eating from day one. Now at 19m my nugget will eat Pho, sushi, Moroccan and Persian food. Purees are fine but not a necessity

  • With my 3 children they all had just formula until 12 months per Dr recommendation. Of course I’m a grandma now so was awhile ago, however they were all very healthy children. Did pretty much same with one year old granddaughter and she is very healthy also.

  • My daughter has had baby rice at 8 weeks olz rusk from 10 weeks old and she is now fully weaned at 5 1/2 months old she eats everything i do she was off baby pureed food at 4 months old

    • Any pedfiatrician even an outdated one will tell you that formula or breastmilk should be the child’s main source of nutrition till a year old. 5 1/2 months is really young to be weaned. Why not let your baby be a baby, they will be big before you know it.

    • Please make sure you’re still feeding your baby breastmilk or formula until at least 12 months.
      Your daughter cannot get all her nutritional needs met from table foods alone at such a young age.
      She can become malnourished and have serious health issues at the very least.

  • I have dentures and almost never wear them and especially can’t use them to eat with. I do just fine with my gums, sans things like chips or fresh vegetables such as whole carrots or broccoli. My son had acid reflux and I had to mix rice cereal with his breast milk and formula so he wouldn’t vomit all the time. Nothing else worked! He ate his first pureed food at around 5 months, officially. He’s doing great, now, and can eat anything, no weight problems or allergies. That being said, there is no standard, every child is different and it’s A PARENTS job to interpret the needs of their own child. PERIOD.

  • Rice cereal is harmful because it’s empty calories with no nutritional value, taking up room in the digestive system of your baby that should be going towards milk. Also… Arsenic.

  • Wow I didn’t realize there were so many Moms out there who are not educating themselves before making these decision. Just as the RN said you may think your baby “likes” food and is ready for food because you’re the parent and you know best but their little bellies are not ready for it yet. This may not show up until they are long gone from a Pediatrician. Your adult child may not link the fact that he/she’s parent fed them at 8 weeks old (nor would they think to ask) to the reason that they are having major issues in the GI department.
    Ashleigh, there is NO WAY a pediatrician recommended you starting foods at 8 weeks and definitely not weaning them off breastmilk/formula at 5 1/2 months!!!! There are so many vitamins in those liquids that your child needs in this stage of their life that they just can’t get from foods. I feel so bad what might come to your child in the future. They are growing so much in that first year and to deprive them of necessary nutrients could be detrimental to their bones, organs, mental health etc. This is why they recommend formula/breastmilk until they are at least 1 year old. (In the first year there should be no juices, milk, and 1 oz water max/day and only when it is extremely hot)
    Cereal and the likes are just fillers so to use those you are taking away valuable space in their little bellies where they should be taking in these precious vitamins and nutrients. Everything that I have ever read or heard was 6 months for food and there are some exceptions at around 4 months if reflux is involved and hasn’t been outgrown yet. I just had my 3rd baby and have always waited until 6 months.
    There are many services to help with formula costs. PLEASE seek these services if this is the reason you are feeding your child (and/or weaning your child) early!!!! Most insurances are also giving out breast pumps now too and the hospital can give you the paperwork when you deliver your child. I understand the struggle of a working mom but if you can (not all can) breast feed. It is FREE and now so is the breast pump to help if you are working and away from your baby at times.

    • So sad that one Mom would call another Mom a liar when she said the doc told her to feed her baby at 8 weeks! I, too, had a son who was fed quite early. He was almost 10 pounds and back then you were kept in the hospital for 10 days. After he cried solidly within 1 hour of being breast fed for the first 3 days, the doctor had the nurses add cereal to his bottle. I nursed him, then pumped and when he cried they fed the cereal and breast milk bottle. He is 48 now.He is still skinny as a rail, eats like a horse and has no food allergies. I am NOT advocating people do differently than the pediatricians recommend today, but am reminding you that the Moms and their children on this page are from multiple generations and were taught different things.

      • Its normal for breastfed to be on the breast constantly in the beginning. Its how yiuyr body knows how much milk to make. I’ve heard moms say their baby was starving so they had to give a bottle of fgormua sdsdo they would be full for longer. Well those of us that dfo it with only breastmilk put the baby back on the breast when hungry instead. Yes its time consuming, yes its hard, but it can be done. That girls Dr may have advised baby start cereals at a young age because some drs are very outdated but if they advised weaning before a year old something is wrong. Not only dies the babies body go through a lot of growth the first year but the brain grows at the fastest rate that it ever will. Formula & breastmilk carry a lot of nutrition & yet digest very quickly so the baby can take in more in a short period of time while food digest slowly so baby eats less often but doesn’t get as much nutrition. Babies are supposed to eat frequently & are supposed to drink milk from the breast, yes we now have formula as an alternative but you see how similar breastmilk & formula are but solid food is totally different. After the first year of life when growth slows down it’s ok for precious space to bve used for less nutrient dense foods.

      • The original commenter – Ashleigh, did not note that her Dr. or Pediatrician recommended early solids or weaning at 5.5 months. Therefore Jillian was not calling her a liar. I think Jilllian was just trying to urge her to speak to a professional regarding proper nutrition for her baby.

  • Being a Brit I used to grumble about the price of baby formula over here, until I went on holiday to the USA and needed to buy baby formula. I could not believe how expensive formula is, each tub containing about half of what I’d get at home and costing at least twice the price. I can understand completely why some people from low income families would look to ween their babies early. While it is all well and good to say breast is best, it is not always easy, some of us can’t breast feed. So if that healthy, wholesome, free option isn’t available to you it’s understandable that you’d try to find a more affordable way to feed your child.

  • I feed my daughter cereal at 4 weeks because she was a big eater. She was 9’1 and 20 inches. She grew 11 inches the first year. She did fine with cereal early and her doctor said it was fine. Yes she has autism, but that was heredity cause mom has it. she now six years old and 49 inches. size 3 shoes. dad is 6’5

  • i’m sorry, but what a condescending way this article is written. not every woman has the option to pursue breastfeeding for the long-term. and most moms know what their babies are ready for way more than a random blogger. Glad you find formula to be an ‘acceptable alternative’.

  • I never gave my daughter rice cereal or baby food. My MIL pressured me some to give it to her and said she’d sleep longer if I did. But I firmly stuck to no solids before 6 months. Ok, I didnstart maybe a week before she turned 6 months. She was sitting upright. I started with avocado, bananas, and sweet potato and baby led weaning. She actually was not that interested in much food until she was like 16-18 months.

  • None of my four babies was ready for solids before or at 6 months and I made my own baby food for the two oldest. The first two started solids at 7 months, starting with liver and home made yogurt. The third started solids at 9 months; (grabbing at my mouth while I was snacking) that was almonds and carrots which I chewed and put in his mouth. The fourth was exclusively breastfed, as they all were until solids were introduced, when he finally accepted solids at 13 months. Some of my children were allergic to strawberries, until they were around 4 or 5, and the youngest could not have wheat until he was 3 years old. None of them have any allergies, as adults, and they are now between the ages of 33-39.

  • I’ve seen it time and time again. Patents don’t want to feed their babies eight times a day. They don’t want to get up a few times a night to feed their babies, so they give rice cereal/ food to take some of the work out. Babies are supposed to eat all day and wake you up at night. Parents: stop cutting corners to make your job easier at the expense of your child’s health.

  • I’m glad to know this info. I need to be more patient with the breastfeeding when my new baby comes and not give him rice in the bottle just because I want an extra hour sleep

  • It says you’ll know your babies ready when they can stick their hands in their mouth and make chewing sounds. Well my two and a half month old does that a lot already and he can hold his head up exceptionally well on his own… so would they still say that’s too early..?

  • My daughter will be 1 year on March 17. She is still breastfed and I started her on solids at 6 months and she was not interested at all. So i just tried them here and there.. she didn’t really start liking them til about 8 months. She has breastmilk whenever she wants during the day and she will eat 2 cont. Of baby food a day. She will not eat 3 cont. yet. Her growth and development are great.. she’s very tall and slightly chubby 🙂 , happy, and sleeps well. I won’t shove food down her throat because I’m told she “should” be eating more..people need to pay attention and read their children more. I do think starting the solid foods before 6 months could cause some issues.. but if not, cool..happy babies, happy parents, good stuff.

  • It’s ok to recommend that more women breastfeed, but many women do not have jobs that support time for pumping, or even have spaces that are designed for pumping mothers.

  • I first want to say, that it’s ridiculous the argument and attitude In this post, I feel like as moms we should encourage each other with the decisions we made that we felt are best for our kids! We started our daughter on puréed foods at 4 1/2 months (she uses AR formula so already has rice) because she’s been having weight issues so the doctor recommended puréed food since rice cereal has no nutritional value at all. She has a veggie once a day and loves it! 🙂 she doesn’t even push the spoon out! we had been to a
    Pediatric gastroenterologist and had MULTIPLE test done on her stomach and GI system and spent so many nights in a hospital, but once the GI doc said her GI tract looks great and gave permission to start solids we did! And she has been a totally different baby! And she’s is finally gaining weight! I couldn’t breastfeed (God I wish I could have, that’s a different story and struggle) but I did hear there is a difference between formula feed babies and breast fed babies and when to start foods.

  • I feed my children early like 3 1/2 months and I never had any problems and my children were never picky and I find children who is just on milk formula seem to be a little over weight. Once I started with food I started to give them
    Straight milk because with the food they didn’t need all that other stuff in formula.

  • This is bs. My grandmother and my oldest sons elderly pediatritoion had me introducing solid foods to my three boys at 6-8 weeks. None have food allergies and none are overweight

  • I didn’t give my daughter anything but breast milk until after 6 months of age. The only allergies she had was milk and eggs, and she outgrew both. I started feeding my son at about 5 months with oats, rice, pureed veggies.But he wasn’t allergic to these. He had many severe food allergies that were noted as soon as I quit breastfeeding him at about I year. He was allergic to 15 of the 18 things tested. He did out grow them by about age 5-6yrs. I only gave them pureed food that I made, and then ground up as they got older. I think some of these allergy issues are just congenital.

  • My grandson is 12 weeks old and putting his fist and fingers in his mouth, chewing/drooling. And even more so when we eat or he sees us eating. So he must be ready for solids as you’ve suggested. Great measuring tool to gage. I had originally anticipated to wait until he was 4 months before trying solids. But your expert advice saves me all the hassle ?

    • Think my son was the same, definitely sure he did it before 4 months, and he was sat up by 3 months. Load of rubbish, I started baby led weaning about 4 months and he’s fine and now 12 months he can eat most things. He had a couple of spoon fulls of baby rice in his bottles before bed about 3 months and he is fine x

  • It’s all just a farce anyway. It’s just this person who wrote the article who’s is just wanting attention, and to make themselves seem relevant.

  • This is ridiculous! I fed my kids rice cereal when they were about 8 weeks old. By the time they were four months old they were eating mashed potatoes. None of them have food allergies and no other issues either. And I raised 8 of them.

  • There’s a rise in food allergies because we give or kids processed foods right from the beginning. Formula is filled with preservatives. It’s better than nothing and fed is best, but it’s still filled with preservatives that are horrible on the gut. We also inject them with medications as soon as their born that are filled with preservatives. Preservatives are ruining our guts and brains.

  • I agree with most of these post. Most of my kids where able to hold there heads up before those mile marker you people so call use. I feed my kids stage 1 baby food or I made them baby food by smashing it up or blending it. From scrambled eggs to green beans and so on. You don’t give your baby a 4 mth old a hot dog only idiots do that. Once your baby is able to hold there own head up and start sucking on there hands or lip with the swallowing sound you can try very small amount of stage 1 baby food or baby cereal make it really liquidy. And just watch how they do if they swallow with no problem then go on it if not hold off. Every child is different. We tried to breastfeed but my wife didn’t lactaid I even went out and bought a pump to pump her and nothing she had some there but not enough we tried for over a month. With all my kids. I believe in breastfeeding my kids I would of loved it for all of them to been feed for over a year.

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