Study: Aspirin During Pregnancy May Help Preemies

For moms who are at risk of of delivering prematurely, this is a news worth following. French researchers have found that those mothers who have chances of a premature birth and are given low-dose aspirin during pregnancy have kids with slightly fewer behavioural problems.

The study was done on 656 children born before 33 weeks to 584 pregnant women who had a history of placental vascular disease, fetal growth restriction, chronic hypertension, and renal or autoimmune diseases. Scientists found that 21 percent of moms who took low-dose aspirin during pregnancy were slightly less likely to have children(at the age of 5) with behavioral difficulties or hyperactivity.

Though the results were not statistically significant, they were important to reassure physician and patients that giving low-dose aspirin is not associated with a higher risk of problems in the baby.

Many physicians prescribe aspirin in low dosage to mothers who are susceptible to complications like fetal growth restriction or pre-eclempsia. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug and also interferes with blood clotting functions. The study found that these attributes of the drug do not increase the risk of brain bleeds in already fragile premature infants. In addition, the babies may also face no increased risk of death, cerebral lesions or cerebral palsy.

“Anything you can do to help premature babies is worth pursuing because, for many, it’s a desperate situation,” said Dr. Michael Katz, senior vice president for research and global programs at the March of Dimes. Also noting that ‘the study is intriguing, but the findings are too preliminary to be of much help to women or their physicians because women in the study were also given other drugs, including corticosteroids, and it’s unknown how much that affected the outcomes’.

As the exact role of aspirin in preventing problems during premature pregnancy is still not known, many doctors are still speculative of the test results. Yet, this research is a positive step ahead and a huge reassurance to parents who tackle the delicate situation of premature pregnancy and taking care of babies with higher risk of neurological problems, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, and hearing and vision problems.

If further research finds the results accurate, aspirin can become a very inexpensive way of tackling with issues of premature baby births. – Atula, Staff Writer

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