Unregulated Sperm Donations Causing Problems In Australia

Unregulated sperm donation has led to a situation where children from the same community are potentially at risk for incestuous relationships.

Reverend Dr. Andrew Dutney, a reproductive technology expert in South Australia, said in one reported case, about 30 lesbians living in Adelaide, Australia, were impregnated by the sperm from one man.

Those mothers organized picnics so the children could get to know one another as siblings, thus reducing the risk for future romantic relationships.

In another case, a man’s sperm produced 29 children, all of whom were living in Adelaide. These children are unaware who their siblings are.

All of these children were born about 10 years ago, which means they will reach adolescence in a few years.

In South Australia, the law says infertility treatments are only for infertile couples or those at risk for transmitting a serious defect. Thus, gays and lesbians generally have to find donors “outside the system,” Dutney said.

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