South Carolina Police Officer Saves Life of Toddler Who Fell Out of Moving Vehicle on Interstate

In a heart-stopping incident on October 16, Officer Jason Marzan of the North Charleston Police Department sprang into action to rescue a 2-year-old girl who had fallen out of a moving car on the interstate.

Marzan, 46, was responding to an unrelated collision when he heard a call about a child falling out of a moving car on Interstate 26. Immediately realizing the severity of the situation, Marzan raced to the scene.

Fortunately, a woman from Shaw Air Force Base was driving behind the incident and acted quickly. Initially mistaking the child for a doll, she quickly realized it was a real baby and positioned her car to prevent any further harm.

Both Marzan and the woman from the Air Force applied a tourniquet to the toddler, who had lost half of her right arm, to stop the bleeding before first responders arrived. The child was then transported to a local hospital.

Jason Marzan


Marzan, drawing upon his 21 years of experience in the Army, expressed his primary concern was ensuring the safety of the little girl.

“My first thought is to make sure nothing else happens to this little girl. It just all kind of kicks in, you know. I have 21 years in the Army, retired. So it just kind of all comes to you, just quick reaction to it, do what’s first, do what’s best,” Marzan said.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the toddler’s condition, Marzan remained vigilant and later visited her in the hospital.

Remarkably, the doctors at the hospital were able to reattach the child’s arm, and she is expected to be discharged in a few days. Marzan, grateful for the positive outcome, emphasized the importance of such calls having a happy ending.

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