“The Naked Truth”
by Cari

To be honest, the prospect of having Gordon sit on the toilet “sans pants” was probably more terrifying for me than it was for him. Most toddlers I know seem to enjoy wearing nothing but a smile. So, when I asked him if he wanted to go on the potty and he responded with his garbled “yeah”, I took out the Potty Book and read about all the important things you have to do when you use the potty. When I got to the part about pulling down your pants, Gordon’s pants were immediately around his ankles and he was waiting patiently for me to help with the diaper. We have never looked back.

Now, I assume the “pants less” part of sitting on the potty is fairly non-complicated for little girls. However, being a girl myself, I had not fully thought through the logistics of a little boy sitting on the potty. Yes, I noticed the splashguard on the potty cup, but when you actually sit your little guy down, things don’t automatically go where they are supposed to go. So, in the most kid-friendly language I could muster, I explained where the pee pee comes out and that he needed to point it down into the potty behind the splash guard. Without any hesitation, Gordon put everything in its place and picked up his book again. Hey! That went really well! This potty training thing isn’t going to be as hard as I imagined! Now, if he would just actually pee in it…

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  • Ahhhh – Who doesn’t love a good Gordon story, especially one involving toilets! Enjoying the potty diaries and plan to stay tuned as I too will be venturing down the potty training path in the near future. Not surprised to hear the pants dropped to the ankles so quickly. Boys will be boys! Guess this one takes after his dad!

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