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Alicia Silverstone Nurses On The Go!

Alicia Silverstone was spotted nursing her son Bear Blu as she walks down the street in Brentwood, California on Wednesday(March 27).

I absolutely LOVE this image. It is so matter of fact and natural.

Babies are born without inhibitions or self-consciousness and this little guy doesn’t care where he is when he is hungry, he just wants to be fed. I love that she has taught him that he should be comfortable nursing anywhere, anytime.

The actress has been making some waves in the parenting world this week after she released a video of herself feeding Bear chewed up food directly from her mouth. The clip, which has been viewed over a million times has many arguing passionately on both sides of the issue. Moms have stepped forward and noted that most of us have pre-chewed our children’s food but normally spoon feed their child with it.

Doctors, however, are calling the practice dangerous. They say that swapping food from mouth to mouth puts kids at risk of catching a cold and can contribute to tooth decay, or worse.

“Word is Alicia Silverstone chews her food for her child. Don’t follow in her footsteps,” Delta Dental of Iowa tweeted this morning. “You can pass dental disease!”

“Bacteria are passed when items contaminated with saliva go into a child’s mouth,” the insurance company warned in a recent press release. “Most parents don’t know they can pass harmful bacteria from their mouth to their baby’s mouth, which can put their child at an increased risk for cavities.”

Are they going too far? I bird fed my youngest son for a long time. Not every meal, but just food I was eating that was too hard for him to chew and he loved it. I didn’t do it for full meals but just with my food that he wanted a try. It wasn’t a feeding technique I planned on – it just happened.

If I were to guess this is not the only way Bear eats solids and that Alicia probably only feeds him this way out of convenience when he wants what she is eating.



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  • How ’bout saying, Sorry, Bear, this is for when you’re bigger, kid.” The problem is in the fact that she’s setting him up for getting anything (even part of her body or her own eating time) whenever he wants it. That’ll make him selfish and not in control of his impulses, but rather expecting everyone to satisfy his wants at his will. I feel for his future teachers. I’ve taught kids who have never been told no, and it’s a shock for them when they’re with 25 other kids who also have needs. They tend to tantrum, as they have also not been taught that THAT is inappropriate, too.

  • Heh. Reading the above, it’s unclear that I meant giving him meat or other food hard to chew is what’s for “when you’re older.” As for the breast-feeding, maybe it’s time to say, “That’s for little babies — You’re getting to be a big boy now.”


  • He’s only 11 months! Still a baby to me and no reason to stop breastfeeding…geez! I had no idea that at 11months a baby could be so selfish silly me.

  • Jaded Im just going to go ahead and assume you do not have children. If you do that child probably does not throw tantrums because he or she fears you. Because you child is more then likely under nourished and under loved. I’m not sure about you but when I’m hungry I’m hungry. My stomach doesn’t say ” oh shit we are in public I am not allowed to be hungry or eat”.

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