Baby Tracker: Countdown to My Birth

Countdown to My Birth is a great gift idea for that special friend who is expecting.

Now in its fourth edition, this day by day pregnancy calendar will inspire and thrill parents-to-be with it’s adorable commentary from the growing baby.

We like that:

  • Parents can track their baby’s development by week and day.
  • You can count down the days to your due date.
  • There is space provided to document your journey (thoughts, notes, or appointments)
  • This calendar doesn’t expire. It can be used for more than one child or as a reference when a friend or relative is pregnant

Some excerpts:

13 weeks 5 days – I’m getting pretty tall! I’m 5 inches(13 centimeters) or about as long as a taco shell.

16 weeks 4 days – I may suck my thumb in here. It helps my co-ordination and strengthens my jaw and cheek muscles.

27 weeks 0 days – I need more room in here, so I have to push your uterus up into your rib cage. I’m sorry if that causes you to be short of breath and have indegestion!

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34 weeks 0 days – You’ll be happy to learn that the circumference of my head equals the circumference of my shoulders. That will make delivery easier for both you and me!

*Countdown to My Birth could also makes a great gift idea for a dad-to-be or grandparent as a way to keep daddy involved in what’s happening daily.*


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