California Proposes 6 Months Partial-Paid Maternity Leave

Parents rejoice! The U.S could be moving in the right direction. This week California’s governor proposed a plan to give new parents six months of partial-paid leave.

California Proposes 6 Months Partial-Paid Maternity Leave

At the budget press conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom said they’re committed to a six-month paid sick leave system. “Why? For no other reason than it’s a developmental necessity.”

The plan would compensate new parents up to 70 percent of their wage when they take off to care for a newborn or newly adopted baby. Two parents or caretakers would be allowed to take advantage of the program for up to three months each.

Currently, new parents are only entitled to six weeks of partial pay as part of the state’s Disability Insurance and Paid Family Leave Program.

This is a far cry from the maternity leave programs other countries have in place.

Croatia leads the way with 58 weeks maternity leave followed by Norway(56 weeks) and Sweden(55 weeks).

California’s Assembly Budget Committee and state Senate have until June 15 to review and vote on the proposal.


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