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Can A Baby Monitor Tell You Why Your Baby’s Crying?

The WhyCry Baby Monitor is a handheld portable monitor which identifies babies’ moods by analysing common indicators in their cries.

When placed next to a crib, the unit can tell if a baby is stressed, annoyed, bored, sleepy or hungry by converting its cries into digital sound waves which are quickly analysed against hundreds of samples stored in its memory. A reading is given within 20 seconds.

Research done at hospitals in the UK has proven the monitor to be 98 per cent accurate when results are crosschecked with a checklist of babies’ body language, which comes with the product.

While this all sounds good, I have a hard time believing that this monitor can decode what is wrong with a baby.

The one mood that this monitor leaves out is ‘just because’. Babies don’t always cry for a reason, which is why I have a hard time believing that this machine, that retails for £59.99, is sophisticated enough to decipher this.


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  • I’m not sure about this digital monitor, but this reminds me of a post I wrote back in August about Priscilla Dunstan. This lady has a unique talent known as a photographic memory for sound, which allows her to determine–from the cries of babies from 0-3 months old–what could be wrong. She sells DVDs that teach other parents how to listen to their baby to determine what the baby wants or what could be wrong. To find out more about what I’m referring to, you can read that post on my blog. It’s entitled Learn Your Baby’s Secret Language and Gain More Confidence.

    As I said, I’m not sure about this digital monitor, but I’d be more willing to invest in Priscilla Dunstan’s system first. Of course you never know with the way technology is now a days. 🙂

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