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Cardboard Crib?

Nothing screams “last baby” or “we weren’t prepared” like a cardboard crib.

There is not one thing about this crib that appeals to me. I know that Album Di Famiglia is a talented designer, but I think that he missed the mark on this one.


The Little Fashion Gallery calls it practical, different and stylish. It strikes me more like tacky, unsafe and overpriced. I can’t see it being appropriate for use past 6 months due to the fact that your child could fall out and hurt them self.

The crib arrives flat-packed and is very easy to assemble. The company calls it “Safe and stable, with large wheels which make moving it easy”.

Also included is a firm foam mattress, which complies with all the safety and comfort standards that you would expect for a baby’s bed.

You can decide to keep it plain – simply stamped with the brand’s logo on the side – for the super chic industrial living look. Or you can customize it, paint it, or simply decorate it with your child’s name.

The price tag for all of this? £149.76 This crib will set you back almost $300 U.S. For that price you could purchase a nice sturdy wooden crib from Walmart or Target, which will accommodate your child well into their toddler stage.

I know that this crib is probably supposed to symbolize a simpler, back to basics beginning for your baby. I just don’t agree with it’s lack of safety features and steep price tag.

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