Charity Gives Diapers To Low Income Families

angelic diaper ministries Angelic Diaper Ministries is a charity that offers free diapers to families not able to buy them on their own. For parents who are trying to afford diapers and food, this offers the help that they desperately need.

Dr. Carolann Littzi began Angelic Diaper Ministries last year after reading an article about families living in poverty. The article shared that some families were so poor, they were reusing dirty diapers to save money.

“As I am reading this article, I am just appalled,” she said. “This was something that hit me very hard. I was not aware of the need for diapers in low-income families.”

Now 58 babies receive diapers each month from the charity group, with a list of 60 more waiting. Though the numbers are small, for each of those families it means the world. As more donations come in, Littzi hopes to shrink the waiting list considerably.

Families of all kinds have come in to receive the free diapers. Single parents, recently unemployed, and women with reduced salaries for maternity leave have all found that diapers can be difficult to buy. Though there are programs available that provide low income families with food, none offer the household necessities such as diapers.

“They are coming in here and saying ‘I can’t believe I need this.'”

Currently, the Angelic Diaper Ministries provides disposable diapers to children up to age 3. Though they do not offer cloth diapers, Littzi says something could be arranged for any families that come in and want cloth.

Littzi takes donations of both diapers and money, and recently was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Luzerne Foundation’s McGowan Fund. The money helps, she says, as it allows her to buy more diapers in bulk and have more to offer families.

To help or donate diapers please call the foundation directly at 1-570 – 814-2454.

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Summer is a mom of three, living life in the slow lane along historic Route 66. She writes, homeschools, gardens, and is still trying to learn how to knit.

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Summer is a mom of three, living life in the slow lane along historic Route 66. She writes, homeschools, gardens, and is still trying to learn how to knit.


  • how do i apply? Im a 19year old single mother of a 2month old babygirl. i got fired from my job a week after having her. it is so hard trying to buy diapers, wipes and affording the bills with no job. seen a tv commercial for mothers that needs help. Please help

  • Where do i apply i have a one year old and expecting new baby in a couple of weeks and have lots of trouble with money please email me if you can help.

  • I am a single mother to a beautiful son, Justin Jeremy Hunter! He does not speak and has Autistic behaviors. I have him in speech therapy; and saw the neurologist 3 days ago. He is getting the a-dos ASAP. he has been tested by other tests too. He has a slew of tests to get from the neurologist. He is low on diapers and this is the first time that I cannot get any because of a limited income and no funds until August 3rd, if SS is able to mail out the checks. We also had a big move which always sets people back. Justin’s using more diapers because he is growing so fast. The bigger he gets, the bigger the pee-pee!LOL! If there is any way I can get help please let me know! Thanks so much and God bless your Charity! <3

  • I am a single mom with a 8 month baby girl who was born with several medical problems. I also have a serious medical problems that the doctors have not yet found the source. due to this i am unable to work due to these medical issues. It’s very hard since i have No income coming to even provide food for us. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.. Please Help & God Bless..

  • i am one of the mothers you reffered to that reuse diapers as i am with out a income and can not purchase any diapers/wipes for my 15 month old son. any help would be appriciated.

    thank you for the help.

  • This is for my friend in Michigan. A grandmother who now has custody of her grandson due to a illness by the mother. the father is out of the picture. The baby is very big size 5 and will be 2 years old. he is very healthy and smart. This has put my friend who is single in a financial bind. I have helped her with what I could but I also have children. Diapers would be a great help. she is paying for daycare so she can keep her summer teaching job. look forward to any typoe of help you can give. Thank you

  • im a 17 yr old with a new born i live barly with my mom weve been homeless since nov finaly getting an apt on section 8 in sept can you please help diapers are so expensive

  • I’m about to have a baby boy on December 26th. I really need help with diapers because I don’t have a job anymore. Please and thank you!

  • My young granddaughter has 2 week newborn and one year old.
    She has to buy 2 sizes of diapers. Her and husband are in serious need in every way. She stays at home
    and Hispanic husband is only able to work few months
    of year. Really good kids, not on drugs, no trouble
    with law, just need some help! They live in Reston, Va. Appreciate any help. Thanks so much, God Bless.

  • I need help getting Some pull ups for my daughter we have no money and I just lost my job due to lay offs and assistance won’t start soon enough can you please help and let me know where in Kansas City missouri to get help with this

  • Hello I heard people talking about this on television.I am a 52 yr. old Grandmother and I live on social security my 19 year daugther is pregnate now and just moved back home shes due may 29 2016 im concerned about how were going to be ale to aford diapers on my income my daughter cannot work she is high rist and has to hep me withmy disablitys.

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