Curious Toddler Survives Three Story Fall

A toddler in Iowa remarkably survived after tumbling out of a third story window on Monday.

Curious Toddler Survives Three Story Fall

His mother, Jestina Simons, said she left him in a bedroom to watch a movie, and the next thing she knew, a neighbor was knocking on the door telling her he had fallen from the window.

Jestina Simons with son Aerius

“I relive that every 10 minutes, you know I’m thinking about how and why it happened,” said Simons.

It was a shock for the mother, because she says she always locks her windows. But, somehow, one was left open Monday afternoon. It was likely the thick grass below the window that saved the little boy.

This type of accident has happened before, unfortunately with a different outcome. 4 year old Hannah Geneser died in 2011 after a three story fall from a window.

“Kids are quick and it only takes a second for something to happen,” said Kiki Joslin.

She owns the 411 Safety Shop & Training in Valley Junction and advises there are safety precautions parents can take to avoid falls like these.  First, do not put any furniture near windows for children to climb on.

She also recommends installing a safety device, such as a mesh or metal guard, or a window stop that prevents windows from opening more than 4 inches.

Simons plans to incorporate some of these safety measures into her home so she won’t have to worry about her baby falling again.



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