Labour and Delivery Triplets

Dad Of Triplets Needs Help

Legend, Tristian and Jaisyn were born six weeks premature, a week ago yesterday.

Legend, Tristian and Jaisyn identical triplets

The birth was bittersweet because their mom got sick during her pregnancy and passed away just after the delivery.

Now this new dad is struggling to cope with the loss of his wife and raising the babies on his own.

Andrue says, out of the blue, his wife got deathly ill. Doctors saved the boys, but couldn’t save her.

“My wife’s heart had stopped beating. Her body suffered and her brain suffered… It’s not the kind of thing people will recover from.”

So Andrue made the difficult decision to discontinue life support.

“It’s going to be hard, very hard. I can’t imagine a life without her.”

“My wife, I know she’d expect me to be strong and she’d want me to take care of those kids.”

He has a construction job, but worries if he can pay the mortgage and childcare at the same time.

While doing the interview he said,  “Absolutely anything anybody can help out with or contribute, I’d be very happy to accept anything. I’ve got my babies, my three boys to worry about, and that’s what’s keeping me strong.

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  • Hi Andrue,

    I think of you and your army all the time and wonder how it is going. I keep the card with the picture of the boys in my living room with all my other pictures, they feel like apart of my family. I know you have to miss your wife very much, but those 3 adorable little guys (I’m sure) keep you busy. I remember how busy I was with one at a time, no less 3 all at once and all going in different directions. I have been looking for a picture to see how they’ve grown in the 3 years. Take care & love. Give Legend, Tristian & Jaisyn BIG hugs and tight squeezes from me. Be strong…. for your little army, you have a great family!

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