Ingrid & Isabel’s Bellaband Is Perfect For All Stages Of Pregnancy

Over the last few weeks, my belly has definitely started to grow and with it I have noticed that my clothing choices are diminishing.

While out looking to re-stock my closet I came across the Bellaband.

Even though I had heard some of my friends talk about this ‘must have’ pregnancy product, I hadn’t thought to pick one up for myself.

I recently received a few to try and now I am hooked.

The Bellaband is made of a soft, seamless, lycra material with a wide top hem for extra re-inforcement. The bottom has a double sewn shorter hem to better grip shorts, pants or shirts.

They come in all the basic colors like white, pink, black and beige with the ‘Everyday Lace’ featuring a fancy lace border along the bottom.

I wear my band under loose fitting clothes to give me a bit of extra support. It was also created to support your belly during the final stages of pregnancy and cover unbuttoned pants in the early stages.

New moms who are in the in between stage of clothing also find the Bellaband helps hold up pants that are too loose or pre-pregnancy clothes that can’t yet fasten around their waists.

Even though I have only had my band for less than a week, I can’t imagine wearing clothes without it.

It is perfect for under dresses, over top of low fitting pregnancy pants or even under your pajamas at night.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is currently expecting.

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