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Jon and Kate Answer Your Questions

Last night’s episode of Jon and Kate was all about You!

The couple sat down and answered all of the questions that have been sent to them by viewers.

Here are some highlights:

Are you worried that the exposure the kids have from being on TV will keep them from having a ‘normal’ childhood?
K – Our kids lives are amazingly enriched. They have traveled more than they would have ever traveled for a family with 8 kids.
J – They are so well adjusted now and so warm and friendly. You walk into a room and they’re like “hey”.
K – People think that our kids will be scared for life in doing this show. They are learning incredibly more than they would have ever ever learned. It’s been a good think over all. Do we think they will be upset with us? No! They will be thrilled that they will have the funding to go to college when we are done with this. the kids are positively effected if anything. We don’t worry about them.
J – They’re fine.

I have always wanted to know if are going to let your kids get involved with different activities or if you think it would be too hectic?

K – They are already involved in sports. Kara and Maddy already do sports. Kara does soccer and Mady does clay class
J – and skiing
K – Kara does skiing and rollerblading Mady does spa and beaching(?). Is that a sport?
J – No that is not a sport – next!

When your kids turn 18 will you buy them a car or make them get a job?

K – 8 kids will we buy them a car? I don’t think so. As soon as we can have them out there. They can make their own money. Maybe we’ll match it. They’re gonna share a car.
J – They’ll have mopeds by then. They’ll be like a gang.

What are your favorite things to do together?

K – I feel like we do everything together.
J – I like Friday night movie night with my kids. Just hanging out watching whatever. We have dinner together.
K – That’s nice. We talk about the events of the day.
J&K – We travel together.
J – Going to Utah together as a family. Going to Hawaii. North Carolina.
K – That was awesome. Perfect

I would just like to know if you would like to have any more children? Just checking…

J – I ‘m not hoping to get pregnant again.

K – Yup, I lost all my weight just to turn around and gain it.

J – We don’t plan – we don’t know.

K – I think eight is enough. Wrong show!

Could you go through each kid and name one thing about them that makes them to easy to parent and one thing that makes them hard to parent?


J – Very easy going.
K – Sweet and Kind yet she holds her feelings in when she’s angry.
J – Then she explodes


K – She never holds in emotions or feelings, but she’s nice when she wants to be.
J – She has a big heart – a really big heart
K – Yes she does


K – Alexis is smart, catches on fast she will ask what she doesn’t know.
J – She’s very..
K – sneaky
J – devious and naughty
K – but very cute


J – Big helper, but she can have a huge attitude.
K – She thinks she rules the world


J – Everyone thinks he’s cute and cuddly
K – Yes, and he is – yet he can’t do anything include dress himself. He likes to be a baby.


K – I could talk an hour about Colin.
J – He’s a caring guy
K – He’s very sweet
J – But, he’s the most stubborn person.
K – Honestly the most stubborn person I’ve met in my lifetime. Colin is going to give us a run for our money – for sure


J – Cute
K – She’s just nice
J – I know. She’s the mastermind
K – She’s secretly naughty
J – She’s the mastermind behind all of it.
K – I know, but I buy all the cuteness
J – Yup


K – Joel is a good kid J – He’s a little winey
K – ehhh –


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  • do you spank your kids? are you going to ever ground your kids. if you spank don’t be to harsh. i do think you should spank them along with time out

  • i think theyre doing a great a single mother of 4 daughter is2, my boys are 5,6,and 8.i could never do what she is doing.i praise her

  • Kate, I know it’s hard for you to see how you sometimes make Jon feel less of a man on camera, but when you do, it shows in his face and I really hope if he is thinking of wandering, you can fix the problem.
    I hope Jon realizes that he depends on you to be this organinzed, just speak with a soft voice and don’t fall prey to what all young children Mom’s do, we include the husbands in that group.
    They aren’t so take a step back, okay, cause you could lose his attention…give him some time with just you.

  • Kate as a mom of three grown successful boys/men raising them on wing and a prayer, then having life easier I see things that maybe others do not.
    First of all no matter what you say or how you say it famly matters. Yours is obviously gone. First your parents now your brother and sister-in-law. With ALL of them absent and leaving you with paid help only says something about you. Of course you say it is all of them not you. To bad with the hard economic times we are all having Jodi was not able to benefit as much as you have.

  • How do you know how the exposure of being famous is going to affect your children? You state that they are well adjusted. They are well adjusted to being in the spotlight/center of attention. Your children do not know anything else but living life in the spotlight. Someday that will end and what will they do then? Kind of like the only child syndrome, they as adults have a hard time adjusting to the fact that it is not all about them. Kate, were you an only child?? Maybe it is time to step back and do what is best for your children. Live a normal life for a while. Go through some hardships now that the kids are old enough to learn from it. And maybe you need to listen to your husband a little. You have to be willing to meet in the middle of the road!

  • It is obvious that you both love your children and each other. Kate, PLEASe get some help. Putting down Jon in public makes you look so bad. You are both so young and have a long way to go. I pray that your renewal of wedding vows will take, but without some individual and couples therapy many viewers, including myself, worry for those precious children. Mady is already a “mimi-Kate”, demanding that the world revolve around her. Sometimes grandparents are better OUT of children’s lives. I wish everyone would leave that alone. It is your decision. I am only commenting on what I see and it is often sad. I see a woman who cannot function unless she controls everyone and everything around her. Dear, it’s just not not possible and will only bring you and your family grief unless you get help. I pray for you all. Something is very wrong. Please get help for the sake of your children. I am sure that you don’t have time to read all the things that are written about you Kate, but what appears to be hatred I believe is really concern for your children. Jon, you are incredibly patient, but Kate he might not want to be verbally abused and treated as your 9th child forever. Who will be there for you if that happens? It appears as though there are no more friends or relatives that you have not alienated. Get help dear PLEASE!

  • There is a Phillip Gosselin who is on The University Of Virginia baseball team he is related to Jon. Phillip is from Pa.

  • I wish you two would not have gotten a divorce! Yes you two did get in fights and you two didn’t always get along but, you guys are parents of eight children!! Just think when they all grow up and they get married and their marriage is not going to well, they might think mom and dad got a divorce when their marriage didn’t go to well so I can two. Maybe they won’t I hope they don’t. Maybe they will realize how it made them feel and they won’t want that to happen to their children. I hope you two work it out and maybe get back together. If not I wish you two the best of luck. I’ll be praying for you two and don’t ever lose your faith. He’s always with you. Don’t forget everything happens for a reason and maybe this was supposed to happen, I don’t know. God bless you and your family and good luck too all ten of you.

  • How do you discipline your children? What works and what doesn’t work? Do you think what you do ever hurts your kids? Do you ever feel bad enough that you don’t want to do it again? Have you ever done something that you wished you and hadn’t? Do you ever just want to take it back?

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