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Kid Tested: Beaba’s New Nightlight – Pixie!

For 21 years Beaba has been known for their aesthetically pleasing, clever baby designs.

New for Fall, the French company has introduced one of the cutest products to date – Pixie! This modern looking nighlight will undoubtedly be your child’s trusty companion from birth straight up to their school years.

In the nursery it’s soft light can assist you through late night feedings and diaper changes and the lantern is even safe enough to be set in the crib with your child if they need reassurance. The electrical base, however, should not be placed near a child under 3.

Beaba uses a soft plastic for the hat that is not meant to be chewed on, but can be if your child does and a non-heat emitting LED to light the base of the lamp. Whether it’s been on for 10 minutes or 5 hours, Pixie doesn’t heat up, making it safe for little hands.

As your child gets older and they need to navigate through the dark house to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Pixie’s hat can be used as a handle for easy transportation.

For the last couple weeks my boys have sharing Pixie at night. We put it in my youngest’s(23 months) crib until he goes to sleep and then transfer it into our oldest’s room for use in the middle of the night. To keep it charged all night we leave it lit on the base and my son just grabs it when he needs to use the bathroom at 3am.

Because we travel a lot, Pixie will also come in handy in the middle of the night while at a hotel or on the very dark cabin of a cruiseboat and it won’t take up much room in our suitcase because it is so compact.

I highly recommend this light for kids of all ages. It is responsibly designed to be used from birth and up, is BPA-Free, and it has 2 light settings. Once again, Beaba has created a product for families that is both practical and convenient.

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*Thank you to Scandinavian Child for sending a sample for review*

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