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Even before I had children of my own, I often bought Kushies products for baby showers and gifts. My own babies have been raised with Kushies clothing, bedding, bath towels and bibs, primarily because their products are consistently cute, practical and high quality. So, when I found out that Kushies was introducing a new line of toys called Zolo, I was very interested.

I immediately searched for the products online and began browsing their catalogue. My favourite part about the toys is that none of them require batteries. Zolo’s slogan is “baby toys for big imaginations” which I found refreshing, especially when I started recognizing simple concepts from the toys of my own childhood mixed with fresh, innovative and creative twists.

After much debate, I decided on the Zolo stacrobats, five magnetic stacking acrobats complete with three circus balls that conveniently come in their own storage case. The case doubles as a magnetic “performance stage” and the packaging cleverly suggests this product is appropriate for ages “1-100”.

The acrobats measure about 8cm tall and are in the “spread eagle” position, which allows you to stack them in various positions. They are also the perfect size, shape and weight to help little hands develop dexterity. Each acrobat wears a bright, multicoloured outfit with stripes and solids, which are very visually stimulating. They have big, friendly eyes and a little smile painted on each one’s individual skin tone. This variety and attention to detail is sure to encourage both physical and mental growth, and allow little ones to develop and express their own creativity.

Then came the real test. I served up the Stacrobats to my three-year-old son and eighteen-month-old niece… they were a hit! They enjoyed rolling the balls to each other and sticking the acrobats together in various positions. It was great to watch them come up with their own scenarios, making the acrobats “hold hands” and “catch” a ball. Even my five-month-old daughter enjoyed the bright colours and was able to easily hold an acrobat in her hands to check it out.

Kushies new Zolo line features products with bright colours, interesting patterns and a variety of textures. The fantastical creatures and whimsical designs are adorable and sure to capture the imaginations and developmental needs of children of all ages. I’m a huge fan and can’t wait to purchase more toys from this great line of products.

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