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Nicky and Georgina Christen Their Newborn Twins

Proud parents Georgina Ahern and her husband, Westlifer Nicky Byrne, had beaming smiles across their faces as they showed off their twin boys outside their local St Sylvester’s Church.

The sun shone brightly as Nicky and Georgina brought their precious twins into the church. Both babies were dressed in little white sailor suits, and did not seem remotely fazed by the cameras.

Nicky revealed how much the pair had grown – Jay was just 2lbs 13oz at birth and Rocco an even tinier 2lbs 11, he said, but as of last week they weighed a healthy bouncing 9lbs 6oz and 8lbs 11oz each.

The boys were born six weeks prematurely by Caesarean section at Holles Street in April and spent their first month in hospital.

“It’s a very special day,” said Nicky. “We’ve had three months off to get them home and see them thrive. It’s just fantastic. They grow so quickly, it’s amazing.”

Around 150 close friends and family packed into the picturesque stone church.


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