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pediped’s® Adrian Flex Shoe Perfect for Kids on the Go

Pediped Flex-Adrian Oh pediped…how we love thee!  We have been long time fans of pediped shoes for multiple reasons, most importantly because pediped has designed the pediped footwear system to protect your child’s feet—all the way from crawling to those first amazing steps and into childhood!

Pediped Flex shoes are the next step in the pediped line once you’re little grows out of the pediped Originals (0-24 months).  pediped Flex shoes combine everything you’re looking for in a rubber soled shoe: great fabric colours, a flexible rubber sole and they promote healthy foot development!  Each pair of pediped Flex shoes offers advanced technology in an effort to maximize the flexibility and absorb the shock in the heel.  A flexible shoe allows children’s feet to develop properly and move about with ease.

As a bonus most Flex styles include the Flex Fit System, which provides a customizable fit with the use of additional insoles. These can be inserted for a snugger fit at the beginning and then removed as the foot grows. The Flex Fit System can extend the life of a pair of shoes up to two months

pediped flex adrian shoes The Adrian Flex Shoe is perfect for the boy or Girl on the go, Adrian is an athletic shoe that will enhance any casual look and is great for indoor and outdoor wear!  Adrian features a breathable fabric upper available in many color combinations.  I love the Adrian shoe for a few reasons, they are easy to put on my squirming son, he had no trouble walking in them like he has in some stiffer shoes, and I get piece of mind knowing that they are good for his feet!

Probably my favorite reason for loving Adrian came to light when my son came home from daycare covered in mud.  It had rained earlier in the day and he apparently discovered a muddy puddle in the play area.  My daycare provider apologized over and over for the mess of his shoes but I told her not to worry because they are machine washable.  That’s right!  I said machine washable!  I simply had to wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle with regular detergent then air dry them – now they are back to pristine condition!

The pediped Adrian Flex shoes are the perfect, stylish choice for all-day wear and non-stop comfort.

*Thank you to pediped for sending us the Adrian Flex Shoes for review*

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