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Product Review: Kozy Carrier

The Kozy carrier is a modern version of the Asian Mei Tai, otherwise known as an Asian Baby Carrier (ABC). A few things have been added to increase stability and comfort, with the design staying true to the style keeping it simple, compact, and comfy.

With wide padded shoulder straps, a padded curved head support, and sturdy durable fabrics, the Kozy was designed for the comfort of not only you but your child as well. And with its generous sized body, it not only supports your child throughout their legs, bum and back, but it is made to grow with your child. It can be used from birth through toddlerhood and beyond.

My first impression of the Kozy Carrier was its arrival in a postage parcel bag that, once opened and inverted, turned into a neat little Kozy Tote for the carrier. A great idea and an ecofriendly way to deal with mail packaging!

The carrier itself is surprisingly large (another reason the tote is so great!). My carrier came in the Merrifield pattern with black straps… very cute! I love the colours. The top straps are wide and padded for extra comfort over the shoulders and the bottom straps are very long, a sure fit for most body types. Another neat feature on the straps is a little “secret” pocket in which to put your debit card or some cash.

My first attempted passenger was my three-month-old daughter who weighs about 13 pounds. I tried her facing me at first but her legs weren’t long enough to go around my waist and she wasn’t comfortable. Then, I tried her forward facing and, once again, her legs were forced wider than what was comfortable for her and she wasn’t happy. I tried to fold the edges in different ways but it appears the carrier is just too big for her at this point

So, I moved on to my next eager participant, my three-and-a-half-year-old son who weighs just over 50 pounds. We configured the carrier so he could ride on my back and it worked like a charm. Once I figured out how to tie the straps, and because my son is old enough to hold on while I tie it up, it was a snap! We actually went for a walk with my daughter in her stroller and my son on my back. People probably thought I was crazy to be carrying such a big kid, but it was a good experiment proving how surprisingly well the carrier distributes the weight.

Not willing to give up, I asked a visiting friend to try it out with her nine-month-old daughter who weighed about 18 pounds at the time. She chose to carry the baby facing her and we went out walking in for about an hour. She easily tied up the carrier and adjusted it to comfortably fit both of them… and her daughter slept snugly against her chest for most of the walk. My friend thought the design was great and loved the colours as well. I actually gave it to her to use until my little one gets bigger (and so my son will stop bugging me to carry him on my back all the time!).

Although I was not a die-hard fan of baby carriers, I will admit that the Kozy Carrier is definitely a stylish, comfortable and versatile option for carrying your baby or toddler. Their large selection of patterns offers something for every taste and style.

It’s ability to dissipate the weight evenly across your body would make it ideal for expectant moms who are not able to carry their toddlers around constantly.

To find more information about this carrier and read what other moms are saying please visit the company’s official site


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