Toddlers Switched Back After Living With Wrong Families For 2 years

Could you imagine raising a baby for 2 years, just to find out that they are not yours?

This is what happened to two mums who had their babies mixed up by blundering hospital staff in Russia.

Devastated Zarema Tiasumova and Anna Androsova have finally swapped their children back after DNA tests.

Zarema is so upset she still sits outside the other boy’s house to be close to the child she brought up as her own.

The truth was revealed when Anna and her husband requested DNA tests after the baby she had been given developed dark skin and hair.

Anna said: “It was a nightmare. I loved little Nikita but somehow always knew something wasn’t quite right.

“There was no family resemblance and my husband was suspicious.”

Heartbroken mom Zarema, who called the lad she raised Aldan, refused to swap him for real son Nikita until Anna went to court.

Zarema said: “I can’t turn off my love like a switch or a light.

“I loved him for two years and will always feel I am his real mother. Of course, I am happy to have my own son but you can’t help the way you feel. Just sitting outside Aldan’s house made me feel closer to him.”

My heart goes out to these families. Two years is a long bonding time to have to forget. Birthdays, Christmas, first steps, first words…so SAD.

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  • What kind of mother takes TWO YEARS to realize that her child isn’t “hers” and feels strongly enough about it to SUE the other family? (I’m assuming it was a hospital mix-up and not a kidnapping-type swap by the other mom). She couldn’t have loved the kid she was raising very much if she’s so eager to get rid of him. I mean, seriously – the nurse brings you the wrong kid, you take a look at him, and say “uhm, nurse, this isn’t my baby.” End of problem – it should take like 2 minutes, not 2 years. Once you’ve taken the kid home, named him, raised him, presumably loved him . . . does the biology really matter so very much?

  • wow. This had me in tears. I have a 2 year old boy, and I don’t even know what I would do with my life if he was taken away! I don’t care about who’s DNA is who’s what type of a mother actually WANTS to do that trade? Did the other Mother have an attachment AT ALL to the boy that she so eagerly gave up? Probably not! And if that’s the case I couldn’t imagine letting her raise MY son. I would never be able to refer to him as anything else but MINE. Sure it would be nice to get to know the other family and maybe allow visits.. but a full out switch? like they are nothing but material possessions? wow….

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