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Cozy Wedge Combines Style and Safety

Just after I had my first baby, Health Canada warned against using bumper pads in cribs because they pose an entanglement, entrapment, strangulation, and suffocation hazard to infants.

Until a couple of weeks ago, our crib looked pretty bare before we found the Cozy Wedge.

These unique bumpers fit snugly around the crib, won’t slip down and are easy to remove for sheet changing. They cushion the crib for your baby but won’t form a pocket around a baby’s mouth and nose.

Created from shock-absorbing foam (the same foam used in swimming noodles), Cozy Wedge, the bumper alternative, is covered by organic cotton and completely washable slipcover.

Ours arrived in a nice compact case, ready to be installed. All we had to do was slip the foam into the slipcovers, Velcro the edges together and tie them onto the sides of the crib. I recommend positioning the foam into the corners of the crib first so that you know which way to put them into the slipcovers.

Once velcroed together, the Cozy Wedge fit into the corners perfectly. Six ties positioned on the outside help keep the whole thing in place and looking nice.

I like that this ‘wedge’ creates a space between the baby and the crib bars. Once my son starts to roll I won’t have to worry about him bumping his head in the middle of the night.

The unique design gives babies the safety they deserve while allowing fresh air to flow effectively through the crib.

CozyWedge comes in eight stylish colors to complement any nursery decor.

Priced at $59 for the first set and $32.50 for a second slipcover if necessary.


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