12-Year-Old Girl Has Baby Boy

In an almost unbelievable story, a New South Wales 12-year-old has given birth to a baby boy, after falling pregnant to her 15-year-old live-in boyfriend.

12-Year-Old Girl Has Baby Boy

The young girl, who may only be in grade 7, will be raising the baby with the help of her mom.

Earlier this year the Department of Community Services (DoCS) had to apologize when it was revealed the girl’s father had warned them his daughter was sleeping with her boyfriend at her mother’s house.

The department admitted more should have been done to help the family, but the girl’s case had been overlooked by a stretched department.

The father told Woman’s Day magazine he did not think his daughter was up to the task of being a mother.

“She is only a baby herself and now she’s got a baby. She has no maternal instincts at all,” he said.

For privacy reasons, many details of this story have been kept private.

This whole thing is very unfortunate and sad. A parent’s job is to protect their kids from situations like this. Now this young girl will never have the chance to be a child.


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  • A very young age indeed, and in these days, completely unnecessary.

    However, it wasn’t so long ago that this wouldn’t turn heads — well, not the five year olds, but the 9 and 10 year olds giving birth would barely make anyone blink, as long as they were married first.

    As early as the mid 1800’s there were children being married in parts of Europe, all over Egypt and the Mediterranean, in Africa and India. I’m sure there was some of that kind of marriage going on in China & Russia, and maybe even in South and Central Americas. You just *know* it was happening in Australia and New Zealand.

    Some cultures even still practice it today, as is obvious from the article above. Other than the fact that the girl is going to spend what should be her childhood raising a child of her own, I see no reason why this should have even made the news.

    That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it!

    — The Linds

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