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13-week-old Baby Survives After Being Flung 10 ft In Air!

A 13-week-old baby had a miraculous shave with death when she was flung 10 feet in air after her mom was hit by a car while crossing a busy road.

Tilly Dickman bounced “like a rubber ball” down the road as mom Sarah’s head smashed against the car windscreen and then dented the hood.

While Sarah received a few cuts and bruises, the baby was completely unharmed.

The new mom was carrying her baby in her car seat on the way to her parked car after leaving her dentist when she was struck by car.

Not knowing what she was going to find, Sarah was amazed when Tilly was found sitting upright in her car seat – in perfect condition.

“It’s a miracle we’re both alive and don’t even have broken bones. All I remember is a great big bang. Then I was lying in the road. Tilly, still in the car seat, had been thrown from my arms. I jumped to my feet and said ‘Oh, my God – my baby!'” the Mirror quoted her, as saying.



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