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Are Nannies Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret?

Gwen and The Kids Explore The Great Outdoors Celebrity moms are often seen out and about, looking fabulous and put together with their well-dressed and well-behaved children. Are these moms just better than us, or are there more nannies in the background than we see?

When we see them at the park or the airport or the store with their kids in tow, it often seems as if they are doing it all. Most of the time, such as with Angelina Jolie, there may be a huge staff in the background that helps these moms keep everything together without being in the spotlight themselves.

According to Beth Torre, spokeswoman for Celebrities Staffing Services, nannies that speak up quickly find that the job market dries up. Few are willing to come out about what they see, hear, and do for celebrity families.

“They won’t work in this town again. Or even the next town.

Celebrities want to be seen as regular people,” theorizes Torre. “They don’t want to be seen as living in a castle.”

According to Torre, celebrity parents like to look hands on with their children. However, with busy schedules and travel they all have to employ at least one nanny to help out. Unfortunately, keeping their nannies a secret only adds to the pressure that many mothers feel to be perfect. After all, if a celebrity mom can handle her family and career seemingly all on her own, why can’t a regular mom?

Not all celebrities have been so quiet about their use of nannies. Actress Julia Roberts admits to have a couple of “amazing women” that helps her care for her children while filming and traveling. Celebrities who are often publicly seen getting some extra help are Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and Sarah Jessica Parker. – Summer, staff writer

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