Baby In A Bubble by Lana Agiyan

While some parents don’t mind swings, bassinets and bouncers sprinkled throughout their house, others like sophisticated modern pieces that blend in with their design. Designer Lana Agiyan has clearly heeded the call and created a beautiful modern bed for newborns to dream in.

Baby bubble bed lana agiyan

She says,

The image of a baby, nestled in a cloud of soap bubbles, inspired me to go beyound the traditional interpretation of a crib. The bed I’ve created is not only a futuristic toy, it is also a functional and emotion-evoking child care appliance. You can rock your baby to sleep and watch him or her cuddle on the cloud -like pillow through transparent bassinet.

Baby In A Bubble by Lana Agiyan
And a cloud it is.

The mat cover is made of pure wool, soft and warm, for the comfort of little-ones.
Inside there is a layer of buckwheat hulls. This feature gives additional support to the mattress, that should be firm enough for the safety on newborns laying facedown. Buckwheat hulls filling is ideal surface for babies. It’s naturally antibacterial , hypoallergenic, anti fungal, breathable, insulating and odor resisting. It also simulates healthy blood flow.

Baby In A Bubble by Lana Agiyan colors

The cradle, which was designed for children from birth to 5 months, resembles a traditional russian tumbler-toy “Nevalyashka”. It slightly rocks at all sides, but returns to the upright position with a plexiglas weight center. To prevent the bed from declining when baby is already asleep, there is a soft stopper. For easier handling, the weight center consists of several layers, that are not heavy separately, but weight 15 kg when assembled.

Once your child has outgrown it the baby bubble can be re-purposed as a toy storage or a swing.

Baby In A Bubble by Lana Agiyan 2

As we all know, precious items often get destroyed by little hands. To prevent this the crib has been treated with a special innovative coating that improves optical transparency, repels dirt and can be cleaned with just a dry cloth, without use of chemical detergents.

Lana’s site does not list a price or any details about whether or not the bubble is for sale.  She does list an e-mail address so please contact her if you are interested in rocking your little one to sleep in this beautiful bed!

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