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Chic & Functional ~ Doimo City Line Loft Beds

We are currently in the market for a new bed for our youngest son.  Now that he is almost potty trained he needs to be upgraded to a big boy bed so that he get up in the middle of the night if he needs to.

When we moved our oldest out of his crib we went all out and bought a gorgeous loft bed that both boys love.  In keeping with the master code of parenting we want to make sure that #2 gets a bed that is as fun as #1.

So for the last couple months I have been on the lookout for something that is safe, stylish and practical.  Last night I came across Doimo City’s website and fell in LOVE with their whole collection of Loft and bunk beds.

Their whole collection offer lots of storage, a fun place for your child to hang out and decor friendly designs.

The only problem is that they are European, which means that shipping or availability is limited.  Now to search for a North American distributor!

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  • LOVE these loft-bed setups. Any luck finding them in the U.S.? Been looking for beds for my twin boys, who must share a small room. Only thing I’ve been able to find in U.S. is the Maxtrix line, which is cool b/c it can grow with the kids and is reconfigurable. They’re expensive (I’m sure the Doimo are too) and there isn’t a local distributor so I’d have to pay huge shipping cost.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I haven’t been able to find these beds in North American but am considering buying a Maxtrix bed for my son. We were able to see a couple configurations set up in a store in our city and my little one fell in love with the Wow 22. The only issue I have with their beds in that they are twins. So perfect from 3-8 but they’ll need to be upgraded again when they start getting bigger.

  • Searched forever and found a place that imports them!!!! febusa.com it’s a fortune but they have a lot of them!

  • hi my name is jennica i live in victoria b.c how much would it be to ship the orange and purple loft bed and computer and dresser and other looft bed and hhow much would all those thing be incling mat and computer and computer desk and the toys in that picture and dresser and blankets email me back please cause i would pay a thoused dollr or a hourderd to buy the purple and orangle loft bed and the other thing i wrote thanks Jennica

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