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Denver Hospital Successfully Treats Baby With Rare Birth Defect

Baby Grace Martz is thriving after surgery for a unique condition. The 3-month-old was diagnosed with gastroschisis, a birth defect affecting approximately 1 in 2,000 babies each year. This condition causes the intestines to protrude from the abdominal wall.

Jackie and Matt Martz with daughter Grace

Thankfully, doctors at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children were well-prepared for Grace’s arrival. Just three hours after her birth, she underwent surgery to address the issue. During the procedure, it was discovered that her fallopian tube and ovary were also exposed.

Dr. Sarah Lai performed the surgery, using a method that temporarily kept a portion of Grace’s intestine outside her body to reduce swelling. Once the swelling subsided, everything was placed back inside her abdomen, resulting in only a 1-inch scar as evidence of the operation.

Grace Martz

After spending four weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, Grace was able to go home once her intestines were functioning properly and she could eat well. Her parents are hopeful that there will be no long-term effects from the surgery.

However, there may be a unique quirk to Grace’s anatomy. Due to the bloating and tightness during the procedure, her appendix might be in a different position than usual. While this may make for an interesting story, her parents are excited to see her grow up and live a normal life.

Jackie and Matt Martz with daughter Grace

Jackie and Matt Martz with daughter Grace

Baby Grace’s successful treatment at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children offers hope to other families facing similar challenges.

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